Wednesday, 23 July 2014

BRITA Competition Update

Regular readers will remember me holding a BRITA water jug competition back in May to promote their Better with BRITA competition in partnership with Delicious Magazine and The Big Feastival. While my Lemon Meringue Pie didn't quite make the cut, 10 lucky finalists have now been chosen.

Now all they have to do is cook their products in front of a judging panel - makes me glad I didn't get chosen actually!

Seeing as it's boring Wednesday hump day I thought I would share with you pictures of all the final entries - maybe it'll make you hungry, maybe it'll give you an excuse to get something yummy in for your tea, or like me, maybe it'll make you want to get the cookbooks out and have a go at making something yourself!

Better with BRITA Shortlist (in no particular order)

Lana's Little Pumpkin Pies

Alex's Gluten Free Brownies

Zalena's Chicken Cavabs

Sarah's Southsea Pies

Linda's Gluten Free Cocoa Swirls

Narine's Trilionaire's Slice

Jakes' Summer Fish Wellington

Rekha's Samosas

Emily's Cupcakes

Christine's Oatcakes

Good luck to all 10 finalists! The three winning entries will be selling their products at The Big Feastival on 29th-31st August.

Monday, 21 July 2014


Yet another fast-paced, fun weekend here at Time to be an Adult! Friday night found me driving cross country to get to Northampton before the niece & nephews' bed time. Despite the countless shunts, breakdowns and roadworks and an unplanned service stop to check a road map, I made it with enough time to get a very sweet rendition of "Let it Go" and a squishy cuddle with a very giggly (and not at all sleepy) one year old.

Saturday morning appeared grey and damp, which meant I lost my Frozen virginity as we watched the film together on the sofa. Am I the only person in the world who thinks Anna is pronouncing her name wrong? Surely if you want to pronounce it Aaa-na, you should spell it Ana?!!

Our trip out was to a bath store! Although I spent this time checking that Sion had made it home safe after his work night out. He had, although the giggling coming from his end of the phone made me think his hangover wouldn't properly kick into Sunday...and I was right!

And then, the main reason for my trip to Northampton - the 80s revival gig at Delapre Park in Northampton. T'pau was missed (there was a heavy shower, so we just decided to stay in the pub instead), but we shook our funky thing to Bony M and Banarama. The rain stayed away and in between the glasses of wine we caught up, laughed and made plans.

As much as I would have loved a lazy day with perhaps a Sunday lunch thrown in, I traveled back to Southampton after breakfast. It was for a good reason though! The Lion King is currently on it's UK tour and I was lucky enough to be given a ticket for an early birthday present by Sion's sisters. From the first bars of music it was incredible. Of course there's no photography allowed, but this You Tube clip will give you an idea of what it was like - be sure to turn it up loud!

This week is a quieter one; hopefully a few evenings in the garden battling with the weeds, getting back into a gym routine and an afternoon/evening at Salisbury races on Saturday.

What are you all up to this week?

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Touched by words

  1. 1.
    feeling gratitude or sympathy; moved.
    "the star said he was ‘very touched’ to receive his medal"
  2. 2.
    slightly mad; crazy.
    "you have to be a little touched to do my job"

This week I wrote a post that was personal to me. It was on one of those subjects that you could feel bubbling around in your head, until you had to get your thoughts down into some sort of form.

My post was about the issues women of all ages have with their own body image, if you'd like to read it click here.

I wrote it to strengthen my own quiet voice that being a different size to your 18 year old self, or your neighbour, or a supermodel is fine. The important thing is that you are healthy and happy in your own body - however it may look.

But oh my word, I got the most beautiful comments and messages after writing it. People read MY words and they understood. My words had meaning. A few beautiful and wonderful ladies said that I inspired them! Little me, in my teeny tiny blog, wrote something that put a smile on someone's face, gave them strength, made them see an alternative. That's mind blowing!

I'm touched that people read what I write, I'm touched that people enjoyed it so much they took time to comment (and this weekend I will reply to each and everyone of you!), I'm touched that people may now take a few moments when they are next on holiday to take a "jump" photo...and not delete it straight away!

Have a wonderful weekend - I'm looking forward to  niece and nephew cuddles in Northampton, a dance off to 80's classics at an open air revival gig, and a sing along to The Lion King stage show in Southampton...just a normal weekend then!

As always I'm joining in this week with the fabulous Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence to read more great Word of the Week posts - go on...pop over and take a look at a few others!

The Reading Residence

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Jumping for joy...

While we were drinking our first beer of the day on holiday we watched a couple take photographs of each other. Posing this way and that way, they would pause to take a look at the screen, giggling together and then take a few more. At one point the man put on full snorkeling gear - mask, snorkel and flippers and did the biggest leap into the air. I'm not too sure if that photo even came out, his girlfriend was laughing so much I doubt the camera was steady.

Sion asked me if we should take some photos, but we found ourselves giving reasons not to - "I'm not quite tanned enough", "I ate too much at breakfast time", reasons or excuses? Then the perfect photo day dawned, beautiful blue sky, only a gentle breeze occasionally cooling your face and so the camera was taken out for our lunchtime stroll.

Pretty soon we were like the couple we had seen, taking photos of each other and laughing at the result - but it was more about "Look at my gut", "Oh my god, I've got a double chin", "My nose is so red". We took the obligatory jump shots and while Sion is leaping high, my best one had barely an inch or two of lift. I could say that is the reason I almost chose Sion's photo for my J is for Jump post, but I wouldn't be telling the truth.

When did I become one of those women who constantly compared herself to others? The lead up to the holiday involved weeks of gym sessions, protein shakes, salads and alcohol free days. Did it make any difference? I'm not too sure. I found myself poring over magazines, looking for ways to achieve a beach perfect body in only 8...6...4 weeks. If I see another spread of "Fabulous at 40" supermodels and actresses, who have the luxury of facials, personal trainers and the surgeon's scalpel to help along the way, I can't be held responsible for what I might do.

We are all so aware of the effect airbrush images have on teenagers and young adults, yet here I am, a woman of almost 36, still having body hang ups. I have over 20 years on some teenage girls but hand on my heart, I couldn't sit in a room and tell them I don't feel the same way as them. Sure I probably could get back to having the body I had at 18, but it would involve a lot of money, sweat, starvation and pain.

I looked long and hard at my Jump photo and asked myself "What do I see?". At first I saw a body that is the heaviest it's ever been, I saw a tummy that despite the countless sit ups stays defiantly wobbly, I saw a nose that is always red. Then I asked myself to look deeper, now what did I see?

I saw a strong body, capable of lifting all 12 stone into the air. I saw a body preparing itself to create and nurture a baby (just not quite yet!). I saw a body capable of swimming, cycling and walking for hours. I saw a image of a happy, healthy 30-something woman jumping joyfully into the air, while the man of her dreams snaps away. I saw something to be proud of, me.

And that is why the photo you see is not of Sion, but is of all my beer drinking, holiday eating, bikini wearing glory. I'd be happy to show it to a roomful of teens and say "This is me". I think perhaps we should all dig out a photo and proudly ask "What do I see?"

Monday, 14 July 2014

Magical Maldives

It's been over a week since we landed back in the UK after our amazing time on Hudhuran Fushi in the North Male atoll of the Maldives. Luckily we've had pretty good weather last week so the return to the UK hasn't been too much of a shock to the system!

Lots of people have asked me what the best part of our holiday was and I honestly can't answer, there were so many sights and moments that we locked into our memory to re-live again and again.

That very first moment we saw an island through the plane window as we came in to land at Male airport. The first swim in the turquoise blue water, clear enough to see little fishes darting around your feet. Slowly waking from an afternoon nap under the dappled shade of a palm tree. Sitting on the deck watching the black clouds of a tropical storm roll in across the sea. Dancing in the rain. Winding our way back to our room after an evening at the open air beach bar.

Our holiday wouldn't have been as wonderful without the hard work of all the staff. Every person, whether a waiter, a gardener or a maintenance man would stop what they were doing to speak to us, asking how our day was, if we were enjoying our holiday. They were always smiling, ever helpful and we were so grateful for all the little touches.

Maldives, we hope to walk on your shores again some day.

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