Monday, 25 March 2013

Moving Day & Munching

Well thank goodness I went to the Kettle Bell class! Admittedly I went for pretty much the lightest weight possible but my muscles ached for 3 days so I must have done some sort of workout...I felt like I had earned a few calories in the diet bank. Now I don't know about you but I think that calories earned through exercise are worth twice the calories saved by not eating...I have no scientific basis to this, other than if I have sweated my way through a horrendous workout, a banana to refuel is not enough a reward - a guilt free glass of wine and double chocolate cookie however is!

A quiet early doors drink with my old housemate and friends on Friday turned into a loooooong pub session starting with Champagne and finishing with more champagne, broken up by a drunken trip to the corner shop for Monster Munch, chocolate, Frazzles & pork pies. This had the bonus effect of giving us enough creative juice to invent an incredible new sandwich pairing of Pork Pie & Frazzle crisps...maybe Marks & Spencer should bring out a new range of sandwiches for drunken munchies?!

Moving day on Saturday was a bit of a struggle...I thought I had 3 or 4 boxes to bring across - it was more like...
At least we broke up the unpacking with a pub lunch...and a take away curry...I'm pretty sure this combination was to blame for the 9pm bedtime!

Sunday was going to be a day of shopping, washing, more unpacking, maybe a trip to the gym...the food shop was enough to make us both feel hungry so instead we found ourselves at The White Swan in Mansbridge having the most amazing Sunday lunch - I always thing the key to a good Sunday lunch is no vegetable space wasters like peas...and guess what? Not one pea to take up the space of the more desirable carrots, cabbage or roasties - hold our usual table - we'll be back next week!

So after that weekend of food, food and more food - this week I shall be mostly taking every exercise class I can and living on salads with no dressing...especially because next weekend is Chocolate Time!!!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Death by Kettlebell....

So a few weeks ago, to cement our status as a proper couple, the other half and I decided to book a holiday together. Not one of these short city breaks but a full 10 nights, long haul, no escape from each other holiday to Cuba - and I can't wait. We had spoken about it for a while and pored over the holiday brochures. I wanted to go somewhere All Inclusive, he wanted a paradise white sandy beach and we both wanted to go in that isn't a huge list of requirements but we were still in Thomas Cook for almost 2 hours, but we left clutching our booking reference with goofy, huge grins on our faces - we had booked our first grown up holiday - in an Adults Only resort no less!

This joy was pretty short-lived though when I noticed that the pre-Christmas party food, multiple Christmas roasts and post-Christmas comfort munchies were still resolutely stuck to my entire body. Now I realise that I will never look like my 18 year old self again, but I do want to wear a  bikini with pride on our tropical beach so the diet and exercise routine has to start.

For the last month I have tried to go to the gym 3 times a week and stop drinking wine while scoffing Haribo sweets, I'm now 4lb lighter so I'm heading in the right direction but I need MORE! A great website/app I have found is This allows you to track the nutritional content of everything you eat & drink, along with the exercise that you do. I've found it really helpful to check just how much hidden sugar & fat there is in something and if I really can't do without pizza (quite often I can't) I can earn more calories by doing a class - everyone wins!

My exercise levels have really increased too because my other half is a real gym man, so much so that I have signed up to tonight's kettle bell class. Now for those who don't know what a kettle bell is, it's a heavy round ball with a handle attached to it...apparently during the class you swing this weight around while running and leaping about, in the words of my other half "you end up sweating like a pig and you can barely walk..." Sounds great huh?! I'm not the most co-ordinated at the best of times, chuck music and a room full of other people swinging weights and I can guarantee someone is going to get hurt...the question is who?!!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Wardrobes, Wales & Washing Baskets

What a busy few days!

The much anticipated wardrobe was delivered early Friday morning, all 80kg of it and the other half set to putting it together. I think he was more excited than me doing this which at the time I found a little weird - who enjoys putting together flat pack furniture? But then Friday evening found me hurrying to the flat, loaded up with just a small selection of my clothes ready to put the wardrobe to good use. As I was putting my clothes away it hit me...I was putting down little roots, marking my teritory if you like. There would be no more overnight bags at the foot of the bed showing my status as a visitor only. I had moved in properly- & even though there are still clothes & bookshelves to be moved in, I am now an offical live-in girlfriend - a bottle of bubbly was even opened to celebrate the building of the wardrobe (rather than me moving in!)

Saturday went by in a blur of White & Red rugby shirts, living in a duel-nation household there would be only one happy person - thankfully Wales were victorious which meant the other half could gloat, grin and drink his body weight in beer. I became the sober-ish girlfriend who's only task was getting him safely home with no arrests or accidents. At 4am on Sunday morning I found myself trying to sleep on the sofa with a towel as a very poor duvet substitute, cursing the idiot who was currently asleep on MY side of the bed, intent on giving me a drunken dead weight hug as soon as I got within reach. I must admit the thought of my old own bed, without the drunken Welshman was calling loudly to was only the realisation that I was on no fit state to drive anywhere that kept me coldly curled up on the sofa...I finally crept back to the warm bed when I heard him move back to HIS side.

I had every intention of waking up on sunday morning angry with him for being so bloody anoying the previous night, but that soon disappeared when he got up to make me a cup of tea with minimal persuasion...and brought me a Curly Wurley...the breakfast of champions! As we re-lived the particularly funny exploits of the night before I realised that I couldn't be angry with him, I knew what state he was likely to get into and even though I was unlikely to ever get as drunk as he was, he will always look after me too.

An added bonus of Wales winning was him admitting to placing a bet on Wales to win the 6 nations. It wasnt an insubstantial bet and so he was cash rich for a few reward for being such a lovely girlfriend??? Choosing whatever washing basket I wanted for the long as it was only from The Range and came in at under £50! After a bit of canny purchasing not only had he brought the agreed washing basket but also pictures, shelves & a coat rack...its these little things that make a house (or flat!) a home. The suggestion of a throw in case of future sofa sleeps was firmly rejected though - that needs to be work in progress!

The hangovers were put to good use eating far too much grease and carbs at a family pub dinner for a belated Mother's Day and as I sat at the table surrounded by his family I felt that I was a part of that family too, it was a great, comfortable feeling and because my blood family are spread so far around the country it was an occasion that up until now I experience so rarely...of course the heavy food did the exact opposite of making our hangovers better and we ended up falling asleep at 7pm complaining of painful stomachs and sleepy comments of "never again"...

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Day 1!

Well this is all new to me...finally at the age of 34 I'm embracing technology and starting a blog!

I was never one of those children who religiously wrote in their diary every night; of their hopes and dreams, who they looooooved and who they hated. The risk of my 3 years older brother finding the diary was to great and to be honest the lure of Byker Grove and Eastenders far outweighed spending time writing.

But now I find myself reading different blogs most days, some make me laugh, some make me sad and some give me the impetuous to go and find out more information on something they have mentioned or commented on.

Now I'm just an ordinary girl, I don't have a talent for wonderful photography or incredible cookery, I'm not a leading expert on anything...other than Galaxy vs Cadbury (Galaxy every time, it's so damn creamy!) but I have, I believe, experienced a lot in my life. I've had successful relationships and not so successful relationships, I've worked as a barmaid, a nurse and finally an accountant and last year I hit such a low in my personal and professional life that I made a decision to see a counsellor. What happened and what was discussed during those sessions will not be mentioned here (sorry but I'm rather protective of that time) but it did allow me to see why I had made choices in the past and what I needed to do to perhaps make different choices in the future.

Shortly after this time I started a new job, that I can succeed in - no more 10 hour days and working at weekends for me, and I fell in love with a man who performed a drunken lap dance for me on our first introduction and who called me "it", "her" and any name other than the one my parents gave me. Where as I would have shrunken away from his drunken fumblings of conversation, I took it with a pinch of salt, drove him to his house and told him when he could remember my name and find out my number to give me a call. So unlike me BC (Before Counselling) but our first date was lovely and we now find ourselves at the next stage of our lives...together.

So the wardrobe for my clothes will be delivered tomorrow, a set of keys are now on my keyring and we do the food shop together...small things for some people, but so lacking from my life previously I can't quite believe my luck. I'm excited and a little scared. I'm finally in a grown up relationship, with a grown up man...with a holiday booked and dreams of a son & daughter. I feel like I want a record of this time in my life...a paper diary is so last this is first ever blog entry.