Thursday, 14 March 2013

Day 1!

Well this is all new to me...finally at the age of 34 I'm embracing technology and starting a blog!

I was never one of those children who religiously wrote in their diary every night; of their hopes and dreams, who they looooooved and who they hated. The risk of my 3 years older brother finding the diary was to great and to be honest the lure of Byker Grove and Eastenders far outweighed spending time writing.

But now I find myself reading different blogs most days, some make me laugh, some make me sad and some give me the impetuous to go and find out more information on something they have mentioned or commented on.

Now I'm just an ordinary girl, I don't have a talent for wonderful photography or incredible cookery, I'm not a leading expert on anything...other than Galaxy vs Cadbury (Galaxy every time, it's so damn creamy!) but I have, I believe, experienced a lot in my life. I've had successful relationships and not so successful relationships, I've worked as a barmaid, a nurse and finally an accountant and last year I hit such a low in my personal and professional life that I made a decision to see a counsellor. What happened and what was discussed during those sessions will not be mentioned here (sorry but I'm rather protective of that time) but it did allow me to see why I had made choices in the past and what I needed to do to perhaps make different choices in the future.

Shortly after this time I started a new job, that I can succeed in - no more 10 hour days and working at weekends for me, and I fell in love with a man who performed a drunken lap dance for me on our first introduction and who called me "it", "her" and any name other than the one my parents gave me. Where as I would have shrunken away from his drunken fumblings of conversation, I took it with a pinch of salt, drove him to his house and told him when he could remember my name and find out my number to give me a call. So unlike me BC (Before Counselling) but our first date was lovely and we now find ourselves at the next stage of our lives...together.

So the wardrobe for my clothes will be delivered tomorrow, a set of keys are now on my keyring and we do the food shop together...small things for some people, but so lacking from my life previously I can't quite believe my luck. I'm excited and a little scared. I'm finally in a grown up relationship, with a grown up man...with a holiday booked and dreams of a son & daughter. I feel like I want a record of this time in my life...a paper diary is so last this is first ever blog entry.

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  1. welcome to blog land!!!! yes..blogging is a great way to record life ..surprising how much we forget..and when we look back..ah! fun!!