Thursday, 21 March 2013

Death by Kettlebell....

So a few weeks ago, to cement our status as a proper couple, the other half and I decided to book a holiday together. Not one of these short city breaks but a full 10 nights, long haul, no escape from each other holiday to Cuba - and I can't wait. We had spoken about it for a while and pored over the holiday brochures. I wanted to go somewhere All Inclusive, he wanted a paradise white sandy beach and we both wanted to go in that isn't a huge list of requirements but we were still in Thomas Cook for almost 2 hours, but we left clutching our booking reference with goofy, huge grins on our faces - we had booked our first grown up holiday - in an Adults Only resort no less!

This joy was pretty short-lived though when I noticed that the pre-Christmas party food, multiple Christmas roasts and post-Christmas comfort munchies were still resolutely stuck to my entire body. Now I realise that I will never look like my 18 year old self again, but I do want to wear a  bikini with pride on our tropical beach so the diet and exercise routine has to start.

For the last month I have tried to go to the gym 3 times a week and stop drinking wine while scoffing Haribo sweets, I'm now 4lb lighter so I'm heading in the right direction but I need MORE! A great website/app I have found is This allows you to track the nutritional content of everything you eat & drink, along with the exercise that you do. I've found it really helpful to check just how much hidden sugar & fat there is in something and if I really can't do without pizza (quite often I can't) I can earn more calories by doing a class - everyone wins!

My exercise levels have really increased too because my other half is a real gym man, so much so that I have signed up to tonight's kettle bell class. Now for those who don't know what a kettle bell is, it's a heavy round ball with a handle attached to it...apparently during the class you swing this weight around while running and leaping about, in the words of my other half "you end up sweating like a pig and you can barely walk..." Sounds great huh?! I'm not the most co-ordinated at the best of times, chuck music and a room full of other people swinging weights and I can guarantee someone is going to get hurt...the question is who?!!

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