Monday, 25 March 2013

Moving Day & Munching

Well thank goodness I went to the Kettle Bell class! Admittedly I went for pretty much the lightest weight possible but my muscles ached for 3 days so I must have done some sort of workout...I felt like I had earned a few calories in the diet bank. Now I don't know about you but I think that calories earned through exercise are worth twice the calories saved by not eating...I have no scientific basis to this, other than if I have sweated my way through a horrendous workout, a banana to refuel is not enough a reward - a guilt free glass of wine and double chocolate cookie however is!

A quiet early doors drink with my old housemate and friends on Friday turned into a loooooong pub session starting with Champagne and finishing with more champagne, broken up by a drunken trip to the corner shop for Monster Munch, chocolate, Frazzles & pork pies. This had the bonus effect of giving us enough creative juice to invent an incredible new sandwich pairing of Pork Pie & Frazzle crisps...maybe Marks & Spencer should bring out a new range of sandwiches for drunken munchies?!

Moving day on Saturday was a bit of a struggle...I thought I had 3 or 4 boxes to bring across - it was more like...
At least we broke up the unpacking with a pub lunch...and a take away curry...I'm pretty sure this combination was to blame for the 9pm bedtime!

Sunday was going to be a day of shopping, washing, more unpacking, maybe a trip to the gym...the food shop was enough to make us both feel hungry so instead we found ourselves at The White Swan in Mansbridge having the most amazing Sunday lunch - I always thing the key to a good Sunday lunch is no vegetable space wasters like peas...and guess what? Not one pea to take up the space of the more desirable carrots, cabbage or roasties - hold our usual table - we'll be back next week!

So after that weekend of food, food and more food - this week I shall be mostly taking every exercise class I can and living on salads with no dressing...especially because next weekend is Chocolate Time!!!

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  1. well thank goodness for the kettle ball class!! have fun! and good luck with everything that is going on.