Monday, 22 April 2013

Spring has sprung!

What a beautiful felt so good to be in the outdoors, smelling fresh air rather than indoors stale-centrally heated-air. So much so I took myself off for a little 8 mile walk. I didn't realise that it was going to be that long, I guess I'm so used to driving that you get used to underestimating how far places really are. On the good side though the extra fitness classes I've been doing are starting to pay off, It was only really the last 20 minutes that really started to ache- but with no bus timetable, and the other half at work I was on my own...and stumbling in through the front door after walking all that way was really empowering.

While I was out walking I noticed how much friendlier people are when there's a little bit of sunshine, its the same on our first snow day of the year...everyone is outside, enjoying the day. You strike up conversations with passer-bys, you find yourself looking out for the children that have run just that little bit too far away from their parents and you are happy to stand in a queue and watch the world go by.

This got me thinking...perhaps if we treated every day like it was the first day of spring the world would be a more pleasant place to live. I know it won't stop terrible things happening but sometimes we need to take our foot off the accelerator and just look around us a little more to appreciate the communities that we live in.

Thanks' for finally arriving Spring...

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