Monday, 15 April 2013

Time to get back on the horse

Phew what an exhausting few weeks, everything caught up with me a little and something had to give...for me that was my health - I can down with tonsillitis on Easter Saturday which knocked me out for a week, only to wake up the day after my antibiotics finished with a stinker of a cold...everything went on the go slow, particularly my gym work and healthy eating went out the window.

In fact my top food things for making you feel better...
Milky yummy-ness from Sainsbury's

I literally brought every packet our corner shop had

Now both of these are hardly known for their nutritional value so against my better judgement I did battle to complete one...just one...exercise class each week. This was not enough to keep the Easter blubber belly at bay and I have a wedding in 2 weeks (not mine, my cousin but there will still be cameras!) that I need to trim up for.

So I am going to attempt over the next 2 weeks 8 trips to the gym... this seems a lot, but most of the DIY following moving into a boy's flat (I needed to pretty it up...seriously there was not one throw in that place before I arrived!) has now been finished; the other half is working over the weekend, but mostly I want to feel good about myself again.

To go with the exercise hit - easing off the evening alcohol consumption and bread consumption and eating double cream straight from the carton...someone just throw it away...PLEASE!!

The gym kit is in the car, the blog post has been made, I will stick to this challenge...

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