Thursday, 27 June 2013

10 Reasons to be cheerful - June

As June comes to a close its good to look back and remember those little (and some not so little) moments that made me smile. I thought that I would share my top 10 with you...and so, in no particular order....

1 - Welcome to the family Baby M! My nephew was born at the end of May but I had my first cuddle in June - gosh that baby smell, love it!
2 - Hearing that my younger brother and family are moving from Chile to Italy...still a plane ride away but now its 2 hours rather than 14. I can't wait to book our first trip to see them in their new home

3 - Random pictures of Monkey and Baby Bear being sent to my far they have been to Bournemouth and Wales! Soon to be going to Cornwall - yay!

4 - Sunny evenings and having our dinner on the beach. Sausages and ribs...simple but so yummy.
5 - Getting into blogging. Its great to see that I have had my pages read, better to see that I have a new follower, but even better still to find great new blogs to follow myself. I'm pretty sure that its these blogs that will give me reasons to smile in future months!
6 - Learning to hula hoop. I could never hula hoop as a child, I have no co-ordination...I trip over constantly. I brought a weighted hula hoop and now I can keep a hula hoop for long enough to do a class...this is a BIG achievement for me!!
7 - Seeing the results of endless gym classes. It's now 6 weeks into classes 4 days a week. Some days its the last thing I want to do...I have no enthusiasm for exercise classes...I drag myself to the gym...and now I see the result of my efforts. There is still a long way to go before our holiday in November, but I will keep going.
8 - Re-connecting with old work friends. When I left my last job I felt like I had let my colleagues down, I thought they would think less of me. Its been more than 6 months and I finally made the call to them. They were lovely, they understood, turns out it was all in my head. We've booked a night out - I can't wait!


9  - Making healthy homemade pizzas in my stove top electric pizza oven. They taste amazing and are a regular dinner in our repertoire!
10 - The Other Half being healthy. He recently had a health scare, he tried not to show that he was worried, I tried to show I was not worried. He had tests and scans...everything is A OK. All of his symptoms have gone away by themselves. He is back to normal and I am so thankful.
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  1. So nice to meet you and thank you so much for linking up!! Welcome to the crazy blogging world-- it really can be so much fun and so many real friendships can be made.
    I want to grill on the beach, that looks fun! My mom won some hula-hoop contests as a teen-- I can keep it up for barely over a minute, definitely don't have her skills.
    Thanks again for linking up, look forward to reading your blog more.