Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mundane Midweek Part 2

Hump day...Wednesday...middle of the week, too many days have past since last weekend and the weekend ahead is just too far into the future to get excited about...nothing exciting is ever planned for a Wednesday, nothing exciting ever happens on a Wednesday...let me prove my point using yesterday as an example...

4.57am The other half wakes me to ask what the time is, his phone ran out of charge overnight. It's a whole 2 hours before I need to get up.

7am My alarm goes off. I reset it for 20 minutes later and vow to get ready for work in super quick time so I can still be out the door at 8am

7.30am I decide to try on dresses because we are going to Ascot Races for the 3 weeks. As I am trying dresses on I tell myself that I probably should be using this time to get ready for work, but I carry on - finally decide on a floaty blue number from Coast because I need to decrease the cost per wear (currently £150 for 1 wear!)

7.50am Eat granola, put on make up, get dressed, find lunch, lose keys, find keys, lose phone, find phone, brush teeth, run out the door getting tangled in the Other Half's very expensive mountain bike...we need a bigger home!

Spend the morning doing Accountant-ty type jobs at my desk, broken up with the occasional (4) cup of tea and quick glances at blogs, Facebook and news websites.

Take an early lunch to make a quick run to the shops which turns into a supermarket dash for life's essentials - milk & wine (well it is payday!); the greengrocers where everything is still priced per pound (doesn't help me, I still have no idea how many tomatoes are in a pound), the butchers to buy traditional BBQ meat products even though we don't have a garden, sunshine or BBQ...the grill will do, and the card shop for cards and presents that need to be posted to Cambridge then taken in someone's luggage to Chile...surprising how few small, light gifts I could find!!

Come back to the office to eat last night's leftovers of pasta & ratatouille (so unappealing I couldn't bring myself to photograph it, but it filled a hole) and play with my dancing desk monkeys.

The afternoon disappeared in a haze of tea, telephone calls and filing but I did start to get excited about my first hula hoop gym class at 6 o'clock.

5.03pm Leave the office and spend the next 15 minutes travelling one mile down the road.

5.45pm Get home and realise the time and that I have 15 minutes to get myself and my hoop to the gym

5.52pm Finally accept that my hula hoop won't fit in my car. As I'm taking it apart I manage to scratch the paintwork on the car.

5.57pm Find out the road to the gym is closed, thankfully the diversion is a short one. Spend the next hour trying to get the hula hoop to stay where it should while laughing manically.

7.06pm open the bottle of wine and cook chicken kebabs on the griddle pan...even get the burnt BBQ effect...ahem...


Then Apprentice...the Other Half is Welsh...he was not happy...and The Apprentice Your Fired. Checked some old Euromillion winners, no raffle winners. A quick snuggle with the boy and to Bedfordshire to zzzzzzz! 

If you thought this was really mundane head over to Charlotte's Web as this has been written as part of her Mundane Midweek link up and there are sure to be far funnier posts than this one!

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