Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Now to get back in the Blogging Saddle...

It's been a while since my last post, I must admit that I found myself overwhelmed by the huge number of amazing blogs out there...amazing photographs and links galore just made me feel that my sorry little blog was somehow less worthy of space and energy.

But so much has happened in the last few months that I want to continue doing this and its only by regularly posting that I can learn and develop this little teeny tiny blog into something a little more interesting

This post is going to be a bit of a photo dump to introduce important people in my life and a little snapshot of what I have been up to;

1 - The Other Half...the one who completes me


 He works a different pattern to me so we often spend our days off apart. We had beautiful weather last week so met each other in a local country park when he finished work and sat on the beach having sausages cooked on a disposable BBQ, drinking a beer, before cycling home together...very simple, very cheap, but a lovely way to connect and just be.

2 - My niece E and nephew M


God love them, these are two beautiful children! E has just turned 3 and her favourite phase (other than "I is biiiiiiiig sister now!) is "What is called?" followed by a point to whatever object she's unsure of. Her equally cute baby brother M was born only a few weeks ago and he can melt your heart with one of his baby snuffles. Their parents are pretty awesome too, they are showing me the kind of parent I can only hope to become.

So recently we've had a busy, busy time of it. My cousin married in late April in Yorkshire and while it was freezing cold the dancing and champagne kept us warm. A lot of the decorations and little touches were crafted by family and friends - hopefully this picture will give a little sense of it -


This was followed by E's 3rd birthday and the birth of her baby brother 3 weeks later. All these parties and celebrating was not helping my fitness campaign so I'm back on the healthy eating and gym work...Sha'Bam has been my saviour - it's like Zumba on speed and lots of fun, I'm aiming for 8 hours of classes a week but seem stuck on 6-7 hours and while I'm not using My Fitness Pal app as much it has focused me to reduce my sugar intake. This blasted sugar is in everything - milk, yogurts, fruit...I figure fruit gives me more goodness than anything else so the fruit stays and the dairy has been replaced mostly with unsweetened soya...I'm topping up my calcium with a supplement until I can find alternative food items that are high calcium but low sugar - anyone with any ideas?!!

Quiet weekend coming up. The other half is on this last full weekend rotation so I'll either be sunbathing in the park or painting the bathroom - I'm hoping for sunshine, but preparing the room in case!!


  1. great to say hi! looking forward to getting to know you and see what happens now you are back in the saddle beautiful lady! oh boy that table of yes! lovely kiddios and cakes all in 1post! xxxx

  2. You are so right: it takes time to develop a blogging style and voice! Keep it up: you can do it! Your story is just as good as anyone else's. =)