Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The (wo)man from Del Monte say yes!

In the depths of my wardrobe lies a floaty light top that I fell in love with over 2 years ago. I saw it pictured in a magazine and channelled my inner-stalker to track it down. Was it out of my price range? Yes! Did I have lots of places I could wear it to? No! Did I buy it anyway? Hell Yeah!!
Because I had brought this summery floaty top that spoke to me of balmy summery days. I was convinced that I would be whisked away to some tropical island to lounge 1920's style under a parasol, gently sipping afternoon cocktails...or at the very least get a decent days weather so I could stick it on when I went to the pub. That day never came.
When the other half asked me to move in with him I knew I would have to be ruthless with my wardrobe. Much loved items were dumped into charity bags, jeans that I was convinced I would one day magically fit into were given to friends, floor length gowns that would be prefect for cruises and posh dinners were sold to a dress agency...but my top remained.
My lovely new blogging friend Jane at Flight Platform Living has started a Shiny T Tuesday link up and this week's theme is Patterns so I of course knew what patterned item I had that speaks to me.
Saturday was a early wake up for me, so I spent the best part of an hour finding the floaty top - so floaty that it had slipped off its hanger and sunk to the depths of the bottom of the wardrobe. I tried it on with summery white jeans that miraculously do fit from last year...they have stretch! The other half blearily asked from the bed what I was doing and so I said..."Its for Jane's blog posting, this pattern speaks to me! Get up, get up... we have to go somewhere sunny so you can take pictures of me". With one arm he lazily reached behind the headboard, pulled open the curtains and showed the drizzle that had for the last 2 years thwarted any attempt I had of wearing this top in the UK, the arm dropped back, he turned over...I was on my own for this mission.
I grabbed my panama hat at went to the only room possible for selfies - the bathroom, and happily started snapping...my joyful giggles must have disturbed sleeping beauty...In he walked to dryly comment "You look like the man from Del Monte"
Hat H&M, Top Misguided, Jeans Joe Brown, Bathroom tile stickers Amazon!!
I will be taking this top in November when we go to Cuba, and I will lounge like a starlet, sipping my cocktail...Until then I shall just try to wear it whenever I can!


  1. lol that's brilliant!! love it! this woman from del monte says YES!!!! oh yes the rain!! sun today here...get out and frolic in the top! fashion posting suits you! xxx

    1. Surprising grey clouds here! Still should be able to get some decent red sky shots!!!

  2. that is a gorgeous pattern!...I love anything feathery...especially when its a floaty top. love the white pants too...white pants haven't been seen around these parts since the 90`s!!...pre kids and pre saddle bags!! lucky you off to cuba? xx

    1. Thanks Alison, the thought of Cuba is keeping me going but it is hard seeing everyone else going off on trips...hopefully my weekend in Cornwall soon will be sunny!!