Wednesday, 31 July 2013

100 Word Challenge - Week 100

I've been wanting to develop my creative writing for a while now and came across the 100 Word Challenge, hosted by Julia at Julia's Place
It's a weekly opportunity to write 100 words on a given topic, this week's was particularly special as it is the centenary week as so as well as the subject being "The Big C", every line must also start with the letter C...I've taken this to mean the start of every sentence...there's only so much I can get my head around!!
"Come on" she called out, the stress plainly heard.
"Can't be late, we can't be late."
Carrying a baby in her arms and pulling a toddler along the path she had to stop.
Crowds blocked her route ahead, she forced their way through as silence fell.
Coming to a sudden halt at the kerbside she took a moment to calm herself and the children.
Carefully at the right moment she tossed a rose as the cortege passed.
Cocooned within, a comrade of her husband.
Completing her duty, she prayed silently for them both, turned and started the lonely walk home.
Please pop over to Julia's to read other's and add your own,
link is open until Monday 5th August


  1. This is wonderful! So sad & so well written. The reader has no idea where it is going then ...thump! Thank you for joining in. See you next time I hope!

  2. Very nice! Thoughtful and evocative.