Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Baby Envy

You can't help but be swept up by the media coverage of Will & Kate's baby, especially living in the UK. But with it comes a serious case of baby envy!
I'm envious not of the baby per se, but of the obvious change in their relationship. The glances between each other that scream "Wow, this is amazing!". The overwhelming look of love that is in their faces when they gaze at their new son.
The Other Half and I have spoken about starting our family, we think, maybe, early next year. But seeing the joy radiating from new parents makes me want to get cracking sooner! If I listen to my heart I'd be jumping on that horse now (figuratively speaking!), but my head is over-ruling my heart ever so slightly.
Our relationship, though solid, is still in it's relative infancy. There are still things that we both want to do that don't fit in with either a pregnancy or parenthood. Becoming parents truly will be life changing and it's important to both of us that those life changes are positive ones for our relationship and us as individuals.
We need to be patient, allow ourselves to be selfish with our time before we become self-less. When our hearts and heads are singing the same tune that is the time to start our journey into Parenthood.
Until then I can turn to any form of media to get as many baby fixes as my womb demands!
"Patience is also a form of action" - Auguste Rodin
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  1. A very sensible and level headed way to look at it! My husband and I had a good few years enjoying being a couple before we started our family, and by then we were ready and it has been amazing! Enjoy your time now, and look forward to the future :) Great quote x Popping over from Wednesday Words.

  2. It just reminds me of big man being born - it is truely wonderful, but yes it is very important to enjoy life before kids as it does turn your world upside down - in a fantastic way x