Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Fun with friends

We've had a pretty jam packed few days...it was so much fun but so hot too, I must admit that at times I wanted to take myself off into the shade and just quietly wilt!
On Friday we went with The Other Half's sister to a zorbing site outside Reading, to throw ourselves down a hill! These were Christmas presents that we've only now been able to book on but what a perfect day for doing it.
First up was the harnessed zorbing where two people are harnessed inside a ball facing each other. As the ball rolls down the hill you then go head over heels inside the ball. You reach speeds of up to 30 mph and get bumped around...ALOT! I did enjoy it, but one run was definitely enough for me!
Next up was aqua zorbing. Up to 3 people lie inside the ball, water is put inside with you so you are sloshing around like clothes in a washing machine, you all link arms and the ball is rolled down the hill. This isn't such a fast ride because of the effect of the water stabilising it and rather than going head over heels, you slide from side to side, still very quickly though. You can help but get very, very wet so I'm glad it was a nice hot day!
In the evening we went and picked up our friend who had flown in from Holland for the weekend, because on Saturday we had brought tickets for Ascot.
It was such a beautiful day, so hot, but there was plenty of shade for us to stay under if we needed it.
The customer service was fantastic there and the bookies were incredibly helpful for novices like us! We all set our betting limit for each race and while there were no big wins we all had a little success, my biggest win was £14.00!!
As you can imagine, on Sunday we were all a little lazy after our big day out, so we gathered family and friends together for a picnic in our local country park, followed by a BBQ in the evening...and a little water fight...I think the adults took it a little too seriously!!

Now its back to reality...and the first task on the list is to get my photos all the same size!! 
What was the best part of your weekend?

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  1. Looks like you had a fab weekend!!
    That Zorbing looks crazy!! You're braver then me! lol