Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How a sunset can change your life

When most people think of a sunset they picture themselves with loved ones, sipping champagne or a cocktail, thinking what a wonderful day they've had and how tomorrow is sure to be just as perfect.

I took this picture about this time last year from my office window...please bear in mind that because it was summer time this was probably around 9.30pm...NINE THIRTY...

My job wasn't for some fast-paced, career making, go-getting company. It was in a stable, comfortable company like many others around the world and my job, on paper, was a straight forward 8.30-5.00 Monday - Friday position.

I should never have been able to take this picture, I should have been at home with my friends, relaxing and looking at the beautiful sunset without an office window framing it.

My job had become Monday - Sunday, as many hours as I could squeeze into my day, with at least 2 sleepless nights a week thrown in. I wouldn't arrange anything in case something came up at work, I was drowning in a sea of paperwork and I couldn't step off the wheel.

I don't know if it was actually this moment that I realised this wasn't for me. I went on for a few more months before making a major screw up, calling a meeting with the Directors and resigning from my post. Resigning in the middle of a recession without a new job lined up and no savings was the scariest thing I've ever done, but it saved me.

My job now is doing the same kind of work but with a good support network, where the workload is consistent, where people notice if you are working late and rather than applauding you, they ask what they can do to ease the load. I found the time to re-connect with my friends, I found the time to meet a boy and fall hopelessly in love, I found the time to watch sunsets outside

Red sky at night gave Carrie a fright...
Red sky in morning she heard the warning

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  1. ooo i was there once in a job that had me working over 16 hour days and still adding in more! I cracked before I got out! so glad you get to enjoy those sunsets outside now! What a beautiful post and such a good reminder for us all to grab the day and the sunsets and live! No worry that is isn't a fashion post, being happy is always fashionable! Thank you so much for linking and being at my party xxxxx