Monday, 29 July 2013

Just Keep Swimming....

I think this week is going to be One. Of. Those. Weeks...
For the first weekend in AGES I had no plans, no day trips arranged, no BBQs or picnics to cater for, no socialising to dress up for.
The weather forecast was pretty rubbish and the Other Half was working both days...everything was set for a lazy 2 days mooching around the flat, recharging my batteries...this is what I actually did...
Awake at 6am and after and hour of trying to fall back to sleep I got up at 7am.
Drove to the sorting office to pick up a parcel for OH's sister, dropped it round to their house, combined this with a trip to the shops for weekend essentials of bread and cheese. Had breakfast, put on a load of washing, cleaned the kitchen, got my gym kit together ready for my 9.30 class.
Did the class, drove to my friend's house for a 5 mile walk (not planned for I hasten to add) and a one-on-one 2 hour training session, quick lunch then to the laundrette to tumble dry the washing. Made small talk with the attendant for 45 minutes, pretty much know everything about her life now.
Home to make cookies for the OH to take into work (I love baking but try not too eat to many!). The cookies turned into one giant cookie the size of the baking tray and paper thin, so I scrapped those and made cupcakes instead. Deep cleaned the bathroom after reading that WD40 gets rid of lime scale. Lime scale is still on the shower screen, even after 2 hours of cleaning...seriously considered ordering new shower screen.
Other Half came home at 7, jumped in his car to go straight to the supermarket for a mammoth payday food shop, home at 8.30, OH had shower, I cooked dinner, drank a glass of wine and passed out on the sofa until I was told to go to bed.
Walked 3 miles into town, paid off our holiday (woo hoo), turned around and walked the 3 miles back again...realised very quickly that I should have driven.
 De-cluttered the wardrobe and vacuum packed all my winter clothes, spare duvet & pillows and dressy dresses that I'm just not going to wear anytime soon. Went on a light bulb hunt for a very specific fixing, finally found one then almost fell off the worktop trying to change it. Fell asleep for 3 hours...opps...woke up, tidied the living room and bedroom, got gym gear ready for the 6 classes I've signed up for this week.
Got dinner prepared, then got taken to the local pub for one drink (turned into 2 hours), came home and made a different fast dinner, organised myself for the working week, drank a glass of wine and passed out on the sofa until I was told to go to bed.
This means that today I'm already exhausted. This is the week that we've kick started our healthy eating, fitness programme after having 3 weeks of gluttonous enjoyment. This is not the week to vegetate in front of the TV, I have something on every night and I have a busy week to get through at work. I knew this yet I still packed a stupid amount into my weekend and left no time to relax without passing out exhausted.
I'm annoyed with myself because I feel like I wasted an opportunity to have a few calm and easy days. I have to remember that doing nothing is still doing something, re-charging my batteries is not wasting my time...sometimes its ok to just breathe. I just need to keep going until Friday, I just need to keep on swimming. Next weekend will be different.

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  1. It's really hard when you want to relax and a) you never seem to be able to or b) you never seem to have time to! Or both!! I feel your pain. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x