Thursday, 25 July 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful 25th July 2013

As I've got older I've come to realise that its the simple pleasures in life that stay in your memories. Here are my reasons to be cheerful for this week
1) The Other Half brought me a racing experience at Silverstone for Christmas, he got this only 4 months into our relationship...16 weeks...and in that short space of time he already knew me so well. I had so much fun driving a Ferrari but I got more pleasure out of the realisation that The Other Half knew me so well
2) Watching my niece pretending to be a shark on's OK, she was a nice shark because "A shark is a fishy and fishies don't have teeth!"

3) The evenings being dry and warm enough to go for a walk after work in shorts & flip flops. I truly don't switch out of work mode until I come home and get changed out of my work clothes. We get to see skies like this too...
4) Looking back on my July To Do List and realising that I've managed to do quite a few of them (post at the end of the month coming up!), I even managed proper fish & chips...
5) As always being thankful that my family and friends are all fit and well

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  1. Well done - my to do list is not getting done!

  2. Lovely reasons. I'd love to do race day, that must have been so much fun. The long warm evenings are great aren't they. That pic of the fish and chips has got my tummy rumbling, we can't get proper fish and chips in Canada :-(

  3. Beautiful, there have been some amazing skies this past week. Mich x

  4. Lovely post. Those fish and chips look good! x

  5. I am a sucker for fish and chips... and fast cars! :)

  6. I didn't have a to do list for summer, so you've done a lot better than me! That fish and chips looks HUGE x

  7. Sounds like a great week. I've been looking at the experience days for hubby, but thinking a tank one...
    His birthday is coming up in a few months so that may be it.

  8. Lovely post and pictures. A To Do list - what a great idea!