Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Undeniably Me

What is my fashion identity? Boho chic? Classic? Yummy Slummy? I. Have. No. Idea.

Despite being raised by a step mother who owned a number of clothes shops I was always happy to be lead in what I wore rather than being the leader. Even now I couldn't show you the one defining outfit in my wardrobe.

As an accountant my Monday-Friday wear is "traditional office wear". I may take suggestions from fashion posts and magazines but the clothes remain muted, classic high street items.

Once home my wardrobe of choice is pyjamas in the winter and shorts & vests in the summer.

I can glam up with the best of them, though my six inch heels have been relegated back into their boxes now my partner is the same hight as me in flats. Likewise if you fancy a hike or your garden clearing I have workboots, slacks and grubby t-shirts that have seen their fair share of action.

Clothes to me have always been function first, statement second. The one item that I wear often and always raises comment is a baggy, shapeless, grey vest. But I think it is the words that are written across the front of the vest that defines and resonate most with me...

Happiness Preferred...each and every time...

And then...when reading comments linked to Jane's Shiny T Tuesday link up...it came to me.

The object of mine that I always have have on my person, regardless of what situation I find myself in, or the clothes that I wear - my tattoos!

I have 6 in total, some have more meaning than others, some are more on show than others. None of them are very large or colourful but those that are normally on show are undeniably me. The one that means the most is the smallest one I have...its overshadowed by a tattoo that takes up most of my lower back, a deviant tattoo that I got to prove a point when I first started down my "boring Accountant" career path. But this little tattoo means the world to me.

It's that little non-descript squiggle at the top...I designed it myself...Sagittarius, Leo, Capricorn...Mum, siblings, Dad, always interlinked, always together. It's only my brother and I now but every day, regardless of what outfit I am wearing, regardless of what persona I am, my family are behind me...linked together...pushing me on.
Linking up with the wonderful Jane for her fantastic Shiny T Tuesday link up...next week...Pin Up...eek!!


  1. oh that is so lovely! That brought tears to my eyes! i have been toying with the idea of tattoos for years! I finally bucked up courage last year but the parlour wouldn't do a first tattoo on my hands! but the placement holds the meaning so without it being there it meant nothing! oh well perhaps one day! x

  2. You could say they have your back ... permanently.
    I love it when a tattoo really means something to it's owner :0)