Thursday, 1 August 2013

10 Things to Smile About - July

Phew what a busy month July was...we packed our free days with trips out, visiting family and friends and enjoying the amazing sunshine that we have been blessed with. Before the memories start to fade I wanted to record my 10 things to smile about...

We dressed up in our finest outfits as spent the day at Ascot watching beautiful horses and betting our hard earned pennies...My biggest win was £11.60 but we all have to start somewhere!!

The Other Half paid for me to drive a Ferrari around the world famous Silverstone, you can read about my adventure (and friendly sharks) in my Track Day post

The wonderful weather has made eating hot dinners a thing of distant memory...Picnics are the way forward now! It's a lovely way to catch up with friends and we seem to bring just as much wine as food!

 The sun shining long after work has finished has also encouraged us to go on lots of evening walks. We don't get may days off the same so its important that we make time for each other in the evenings. We are really lucky to live by the sea and have found ourselves drawn to the shoreline watching the sun get lower and lower.

While my blog still doesn't seem to have a common theme running through it, I am finding that I enjoy developing my creative writing. My job as an Accountant doesn't allow for much artistic development but I've really enjoyed the 100 Word Challenge as well as getting heart warming feedback (and a mention on Brit Mums Literature Round-up) for this Wednesday Words post

As if driving super fast wasn't enough for this secret adrenaline junkie we also went Zorbing in July. This was scary and fun in about equal measures!!

I've been trying to bake something or try a new recipe each week and its really quite relaxing for me, it's really lovely when I get appreciation shown and I'm already planning what I will bake for my colleagues to celebrate my birthday in a few weeks.

We have so many books at home that never seem to be read so I made a conscious effort to read more. We've spent so many days out enjoying the sunshine and its been so lovely to lose myself in a story for a few hours.

Bored of only getting boring post I decided to sign up for both Birchboxes and Glossyboxes...and this week the first Glossybox arrived. I'm excitedly waiting for a spare hour at the weekend to try out the nail varnish!!

And finally my family and friends continue to be happy and healthy which truly is something to smile about!


  1. Such an optimistic post - a perfect read on a Friday eve in! and never heard of Glossyboxes - will check them out! x

  2. How fun to drive a Ferrari! What is Zorbing? Were you inside those balls? That looks like it is crazy but fun. I love reading but never seem to get the chance to read as much as I want. Glad it was a great month.
    Thank you so much for linking up