Thursday, 1 August 2013

My not so mundane midweek...

I must admit I haven't charted my midweek write up for a few weeks because I would have literally been recycling the same post week after week, it was like being in Groundhog Day!
But hurrah, yesterday was a pretty great Hump Day...
Tuesday night the Other Half had a work night out so I decided to ship out of the flat for the night and go and stay with his sister. Annoyingly I got sent a text message at about 3am, supposedly from the OH, which sent my head in a spin. I spend the rest of the night literally wide-eyed so was not excited to see 7am.
I went downstairs to be greeted with tea, toast & fruit...almost the equivalent of breakfast in bed in my eyes. My stomach was churning through lack of sleep but I managed a little toast & tea. I decided to treat myself to a hazelnut latte on the way to work and also picked up some M&S nibbles for lunchtime.
Most of the morning was taken up with alternating between listening to tree surgeons outside my window prune trees from 20 feet to 4 feet tall...apparently they will grow back, I'm not so sure...and having a loooong text conversation with the OH...we think someone got his phone and sent messages to lots of other people too, but we sorted things out so I could calm down!!
I got a lovely message to say I was a winner in a competition held by Stork Up...yay me!!
In the afternoon my boss asked me to investigate transactions going back to 2004...turns out all the paperwork was shredded in 2012...I was so glad the hour spend in the dusty archive room was not any longer!! Just as I was feeling tired and antsy I was delivered my first ever Glossybox ...5 samples were going to be in the box, just waiting for me to try...I opened the box...not 5 samples...but 6...I got an extra lip stain!!
I fitted in a workout with a good friend before meeting the OH and friends for a quick drink before we went to pick up an amazing curry for dinner.
The TV was refusing to change from the menu screen so rather than watch a 3 inch picture we just chatted and caught up. The OH was curious about my Glossybox and decided to try out the lip stain...the bright red lip stain...within seconds he looked like the clown of nightmares...much laughter was let out by me as I heard him get more and more panicked in the bathroom, desperately trying to wash it off...I helped by reading out the details of the product..."leaves a deep, matt stain on your lips that will last for hours" mah ha ha ha ha!!!!
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