Tuesday, 6 August 2013

After the Celebration

Part of the reason for starting my blog was to develop my creative writing, so I'm pleased to have come across the 100 Word Challenge
This week's 100 Word Challenge hosted by Julia at Julia's Place has the prompt "After the Celebration"
After the early morning shout of "Its my party today!",
After the thunderous tribe has run amok through your carefully tidied house,
After drying frustrated tears from the almost-but-not-quite-winner,
After videoing super speed tearing of shiny paper from enthusiastically received presents,
After the breathless blowing out of candles that illuminate a face filled with excitement,
After handing out the party bags filled late last night with sweets and plastic toys,
and after the birthday boy surrenders to sleep
with a smile and a mumbled "thank you"

You hear the seductive whisper from the fridge..."Drink Me!"
Please pop over to Julia's to read other's and add your own,
link is open until Monday 12th August


  1. cute...
    I thought: is this a grown up "Alice in Wonderland", now with children, ready to go back to Wonderland? And, in a figurative way, it certainly is. Randy

  2. I like the way you'd started each sentence with 'after'. And great ending - so true!