Thursday, 29 August 2013

Reasons to be cheerful 29th August 2013

I'm suffering a bit with Blogger's Block. When I'm out and about I see things and think "that'll make a good post" but when I get home the laptop doesn't quite get switched on and the post remains unwritten. I'm feeling uninspired and as I slowly get more followers I feel that I should keep them entertained, rather than detail what happened at the supermarket (probably needed to be there at the time to find it funny).

Despite this moany, woe is me phase I do still want to blog and take real enjoyment in seeing that people read my posts and leave nice comments! So I'm shaking off my negative hat and throwing on my Reasons to be Cheerful sunnies for another week.

My brother and his family went back to Cornwall for a holiday and we caught up on a Facetime chat. My niece E is fascinated with seeing our flat during these chats and always asks to see different rooms, one such request went along the lines of "Auntie Carrie...I want to see your messy kitchen again" Cue lots of laughter in Hampshire and Cornwall!!

We had an unplanned visit to Oxford on Saturday. The gliding lesson was cancelled so we had a wander through the town centre instead, taking lots of photos and trying lots of samples at a food festival that was being held.

At the food festival we picked up some amazing pies for our dinner. They were individually boxed up and when it came to heating them up later I could hear the OH giggling to himself...this is the reason why...
On Sunday we went to Bournemouth for a Spa Day. I drank Champagne, lounged in a Jacuzzi until my fingers went wrinkly, ate a lovely lunch and had a one hour body massage...mmmmm! When we left the hotel, the sun had come out and so we took a stroll along the Promenade and cliff top.
There's a full tank of petrol in the car, our bags are packed (well mine is) and the passports have been found. In the early hours of tomorrow morning we are driving to Holland for a long weekend with friends. I can't wait to experience a new country and take lots of photos...if that doesn't inspire me I don't know what will!!

And finally, as always, thankfully my friends and family are all happy and healthy.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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  1. That made me laugh too haha! Have a lovely break in Holland x

  2. Can't see what so funny myself! *sniggers*.
    Have a wonderful break, hope the drive isn't too stressful x

  3. love that box! sounds a lovely week

  4. Oh that did make me laugh out loud! One my OH would definitely appreciate :) Hope Holland is good for you x

  5. Blog for yourself first and foremost. The rest of us can look after ourselves.
    Have a lovely holiday and it certainly sounds like you have had a lovely week with fab days out

  6. Sounds like a great week. I've only ever been to our local food festival, must be interesting to visit others. Hope you have a lovely holiday.