Wednesday, 25 September 2013

100 Word Challenge - The Game

100WCGU (7)

The prompt for this week's 100 Word Challenge is:… but there was still enough light…
I've changed the tense to make it fit but hopefully it still works...
The Game
I remembered Mummy, are you proud of me? When you whispered our secret word, that was the start of the game and I ran.
My hiding place is the best, even Jack wouldn't be able to find me and he's the Champion.
I remembered what you said, "Don't come out until I find you, even if your legs get fizzy tingles."
Everything has gone quiet now, I'm getting hungry Mummy. I can see through my spy hole the room has gotten dark, but there is still enough light to see the handle start to turn.
Mummy have you found me?
Now it's your turn...what story would you write with your 100 words?


  1. Oh, so creepy. I want to know what's going to happen next. Eek.

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for the's a little darker than I would normally do but I really enjoyed writing it :)

  2. Nice write. Like how you've kept innocence and terror side by side along with the purity of your character's voice.