Monday, 9 September 2013

A leap of Faith, Hope & Charity

I found myself woken at 6am on Saturday morning to the gentle pitter patter of rainfall. This was a major problem as The OH had booked a tandem skydive with his good friend to raise money for one of the Children's Wards at Southampton General.
A more scientific look out the window calmed his nerves as the blue sky was definitely winning the war with the rain clouds, so we made out way to the jump site in Salisbury. The OH was surprisingly calm, although he did ask me if I thought he would be able to wear a hoodie when he jumped!
While they were having their safety briefing we practised taking photos of the first parachutists...
I realised I could have done with a super-duper zoom camera...but we would not be defeated! The boys came over to us in all their jumpsuit finery, ready to say their goodbyes to us...
and then it was time. Into the plane they climbed and we watch it take off and climb higher and higher to 15,000ft.
10 minutes later we heard the engines cut and saw the tiniest of dots tumble from the plane. All the spectators were waiting until the parachute opened, a big cheer went up and we could see that it was the orange parachute...The OH was on his way down! His friend was the next parachute so we watched them both transfixed as they drifted like blossom closer and closer to us.
I clambered up a fence, holding both my phone and camera to try and capture the moment he landed safely...
I think the smile on his face as he was dropped back to the reception area says it all really...
He's now desperate to jump again and wants to qualify as a solo skydiver...eeek!!
After the photos and video were ordered we headed back to his friend's house for a BBQ and a few well deserved drinks.
This little lady is the reason they did such a brave thing
At 6 months old she was diagnosed with a Wilm's Tumour (a type of kidney cancer). She had the tumour removed on Valentine's Day and underwent chemotherapy. All her follow up appointments have shown that she is now clear of the cancer, but she will need regular check ups until she is 10. The OH and his friend (this little lady's Dad) wanted to say thank you by raising money for resources on the ward that she spent so much time on.
Pretty good reason for throwing yourself out of a plane I think and a definite Magic Moment!


  1. Wow! Well done! Very brave indeed!!

  2. its certainly a #magicmoment to me!my cousin jumped out a plane on saturday for MS amazing

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x