Friday, 20 September 2013

Blogtember - Comfort

Today's Blogtember prompt is "Comfort"
Following on from my last Blogtember post this post is going to be a little word light. I don't know whether is a lack of inspiration, lack of sleep or lack of weekend in my life but photos right now seem to show what I want far better than paragraphs of words!
When I think of comfort what comes to mind?
Home made dinners - the more vegetables the better. I love a roast dinner so much that I had to record the first one of A/W 2013...kind of like a fashion show of bloated-ness, but noooom noooom was good!!
Tea - the world would be a more chilled out, loving place if everyone just sat down and discussed things over a nice cup of tea. Proper tea can't be rushed, you're forced to slow the hell down. Tea makes everything seem better.

A bed - preferably a comfy one. The duvet should be double the tog required for the temperature and at least one size larger than the bed its going on to. Cushions are optional...Bear and Monkey are not.
I'm now working out how quickly I can get out of work and home to make a roast dinner and eat it in bed with a side order of tea!!


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  1. That roast dinner looks very yummy. I love brussel sprouts! I agree, a duvet definitely has to be a size bigger than the bed. I like mine dangling right over the edge! :-)