Monday, 23 September 2013

Blogtember - Life Lately

Today's Blogtember prompt is "Life Lately"
My life recently seems to be filled with gym classes and healthy eating. Our holiday to Cuba is exactly 8 weeks away so we are both trying to eat less and exercise more, but it's bloody hard work. We're both now trying to work with muscle strains and injuries - I've got a shoulder injury which flares up every few months and right now it's pretty painful. It's that gut churning, heavy ache type pain that is constantly making me wince - there's not much sleep happening I can tell you!

Sion has recently started a college course that'll set him on the path of becoming a qualified Electrical Engineer in 3 years. I'm so proud of him for doing this, it's not an easy course and free evenings have been spent brushing up on long forgotten maths skills...Laws of Indices anyone?!! We've also just entered into his work rotations that mean we won't share a day off for 3 weeks. With college and gym classes thrown into the mix this period of time really sucks, we struggle to get more than a few hours together in the evening and keep in touch through text messages.

One good thing though is that I've found a new car! I love my old car but it was only a two seater, very uneconomical and impractical. My life is different now and I needed to trade up to a larger car. It's still not completely economical but I think I'll enjoy driving it!

Over the next few weeks I need to get myself out and about to get out of this emotional slump I'm finding myself in. I'm going to go and visit my brother and family while Sion is working and I want to take in a few walks around the New Forest before all the leaves fall off the trees. We've got a trip down to Cornwall at the end of October and then Cuba in November to look forward too - it's just these next few weeks that I need to push through!

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