Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Today's Blogtember prompt is "A memory you'd love to relive"

Inside the house the kitchen table has been cleared of the papers, magazines, pens and stuff that normally live there. In their place are rows of champagne glasses, neatly lined up; bowls of salad waiting for a final drizzle of dressing; a tray groaning with sauces, each checked to make sure it's still in date from the last time they made an appearance.

Outside it seems we've been blessed with a hot summer's afternoon, there's only a few clouds in the sky. I watch as you religiously walk up and down the poolside, scooping out the tiniest of leaves with your giant net and you bend down to test the water temperature with your hand.

Countless chairs have appeared from sheds and garages, each one wiped clean of dust, ready to be filled with sun-weary bodies.

You look at me and say "I think it's time to get it lit" and with a glass of red wine in your hand, you gently coax the coal BBQ into life, your face becomes difficult to see through the haze of smoke.

The dog bounds past us, our early warning system that people are arriving. Joyful greetings drift up the terraced garden as people wind their way up the path, gifts of food and drink in their hands.

Friendships are caught up on, memories are captured in the blink of a camera lens, the first attempts at swimming are cheered on.

You stand on the sidelines watching everyone enjoying the party you've thrown and I walk to your side. Your arms surround me in a hug so full of love that only comes from you and we stand together, father and daughter, in the soft evening sun.


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  2. what a beautiful post xx
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