Thursday, 31 October 2013

Stating the Obvious...

On Sunday we are going to a charity football match in aid of Prostate and Breast Cancer charities that is being held by Sion's work colleagues.
Prostate Cancer is a cause very close to my heart and so I've offered to make some cakes that they can sell as refreshments, only problem is I couldn't decide which ones so I've had to buy enough ingredients to make chocolate brownies, raspberry tray bake, gingerbread men & chocolate caramel cupcakes.
I popped out at lunchtime to pick up the ingredients. The trolley was piled with mostly flour, eggs, butter, chocolate, sugar and baking paper.
The check out lady looked at everything on the conveyor belt, looked at me and said "Are you making a cake?"
With observation skills like that she'll soon be working for MI5!!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


100WCGU (7)

Following on from my weather themed last few posts
The prompt for this week's 100 Word Challenge is:… the sun streamed through…
It was the sickly, sweet smell that made Fiona question when her last shower had been.
Her bed was her island of solitude, the hurt & recriminations held back by the solid bedroom door. She knew that pausing her life like this wouldn’t bring him back but she just didn’t have the strength to press “play”.
The heavy thump of her sister’s feet on the stairs was swiftly followed by the door being flung wide.
In that moment the sun streamed through from the landing window, it’s weak warmth hitting her arm, giving her the gentle push to start again.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Stormy Weather...

Lord of the winds! I feel thee nigh,
I know thy breath in the burning sky!
And I wait, with a thrill in every vein,
For the coming of the hurricane!
The Hurricane by William Cullen Bryant 1854

This weekend we headed home to Cornwall. We are both weather geeks and love a bit of extreme conditions. Following the reports of expected bad weather we decided to do a bit of storm chasing and headed to the most Southerly point in the UK. These photos were the result of the storm chasing...the exhilaration of gale force winds and the power of the sea took our breath away, the grins stayed all afternoon. Unfortunately the proper storm happened overnight and we slept through it, only to wake and find a tree had fallen over two cars. No one was injured and the cars have minimal damage. Hopefully everyone else on the South Coast of England are also safe and unaffected.


Taken on my iphone at The Lizard in gale force winds...I think the blurry spray marked photos add to the atmosphere!!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Deadly Sins...

As it seems to finally be getting cooler and Autumnal I thought I would join in with Whispering Sweet Nothings 7 Deadly Sins.
All you need to do to join in  is copy & paste this list, link-up, and have fun finding out others' guilty pleasures.  

seven great things in your life.
1. My relationship.
2. A healthy body.
3. The means to be able to be spontaneous in my free time.
4. A secure job, where I am admired and given opportunities
5. The realisation that people enjoy my writing
6. The ability to be able to make future dreams reality
7.  My friends

seven things you lack and covet.
1. My parent's presence in my life
2. Enthusiasm for exercise
3. A taut stomach
4. A larger home
5. Outdoor space
6. Diamonds!
7. Children

seven things that make you angry.
1. Inconsiderate drivers
2. Grumpy people with bad attitudes
3. People in the most difficult jobs not being paid enough
4. Celebrities being treated as gods
5.  Old people being treated with disrespect
6. Littering (especially in the countryside)
7.  Empty jars and packets being put back in the cupboard

seven things that you neglect to do.
1. Call my family regularly
2. Read books
3. Save drinking for the weekend
4. Exercise regularly
5.  Service my car when I should
6. Let other people do things for themselves
7. Have money left over at the end of the month

seven worldly material desires.
1. A house in the country with a big garden
2.  A memory foam mattress
3.  A pet baby panda (or turtle)
4.  An Audi R8 as my run around
5. Private healthcare with the world's best doctors
6. Three holidays a year to a hot country
7. A spa room

seven guilty pleasures.
1. Toasted cheese sandwiches
2. Cheese string
3. Haribo sweets
4. Hart of Dixie
5. Extreme Makeover - Home Edition
6. Candy Crush (I could only resist for so long)
7. Facebook.

seven things you love about love.
1. Someone having your back
2. Falling asleep against him on the sofa
3. Someone finding me funny
4. Holding hands and being goofy
5. My own personal wine delivery service
6. Making my dreams happen
7. Being unafraid to show emotion.
What are your 7 sins?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Watching the wheels come off...

Throughout the summer my work life was steady, sometimes (mostly) bordering on slack. Most days were spent pottering about on the computer, occasionally stamping paperwork, even more occasionally doing something taxing. My work day started with a hot cup of tea, slowly sipped as I read through my Bloglovin' feed, along with checking out Facebook, Twitter and other websites...I had it easy.

And then year end happened. My days for the last 4 weeks have been spent desperately trying to field a waterfall of questions from the MD up to our parent company. Every account needs to be checked and double checked. Every difference needs to be explained and backed up with paper work. I find myself photocopying photocopies, just to make sure the information is recorded.

Last week was my chance to breathe and take stock, before the auditors hit. I should have gone into hiding when I had the chance. They arrived yesterday, three people to check one persons work, three lots of questions to field along with all the usual day to day queries that come across my desk.

I'm only two days into this audit and I'm already shattered. I'm mentally tired, emotional and ready to throw in the proverbial towel. After yet another round of questions over my bowl of reheated rice and falafels, I dramatically launched myself back into my find one of the wheels had fallen off. As I wobbled unsteadily I thought how apt this moment was. My days at the moment are full of wobbly wheel moments, when everything  threatens to tumble to the floor. When I get a second I reach down, re-fix the wheel and scoot on to the next job.

Come Friday evening I will be driving down for a weekend of relaxation in Cornwall with Sion and my family, until then I just have to keep my wheels rolling.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

100 word challenge - Silver

100WCGU (7)

The prompt for this week's 100 Word Challenge is:… Silver…

It was sunlight on the silver ribbon that caught Rona’s eye. She was putting away socks exactly how they had been for the last 20 odd years. Tucked under a pair was a neat square box.
Curiosity piqued she sat on the bed and gently opened it to see beautiful diamond ear-rings, unlike anything he had given her before. Immediately tears sprang in her eyes, her birthday had just past and Christmas had become all about the children.
Had she taken a moment before angrily picking up the phone, maybe she would have remembered the significance of tomorrow...their silver anniversary.

Take a look at the other entries at Julia's Place, feel free to join in too!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

6 months Blogging

Where did those 6 months go?!

In the last 6 months...

I've moved in with Sion, booked a holiday to Cuba, welcomed my nephew into the world, been to Holland, Yorkshire, Wiltshire, Cornwall and Berkshire.

I've joined a gym, started the 30 day Shred, walked in the New Forest, cycled to Lyndhurst, sailed on the Maas river, zorbed down a hill by the M4 motorway and watched Sion jump out of a plane.

I've eaten sausages on the beach, fish on the quayside, pasties while walking, paella from scratch and drank cool cider, gin & tonics, chai tea, homemade smoothies and a little wine.

But the best thing?

I started this blog!

I found a love of creative writing, people have read MY stuff! Letters to myself, letters to Facebook, memories of loved ones, hopes for the future.

And in return I've been privileged enough to follow people through their own trials and tribulations. I've joined in marriage proposal congratulations. I've been inspired by people's Shred Challenges. I've watched children grow and relationships change. I've watched people comfort and be comforted. I've joined people in restaurants, day trips and holidays.

So to those people who take time out of their busy day to read this - thank you!

To those people who let me see their life - thank you!

Once work calms down I promise to get back to regular posts - I miss it!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn Stroll

In a fit of healthiness at the weekend I dragged Sion and his sister into the New Forest for a beautiful walk between Beulieu and Brockenhurst. This walk was supposed to be a 10.5 mile round trip, but due to a lack of snacks and water and the lure of a pub lunch we shortened it to about 7 miles.

I drove them mad stopping frequently to take photos, but as the leaves are now starting to turn golden and there are berries in the hedgerows, the colours looked beautiful.

I really miss not having a garden, so getting out in the fresh air was just what I needed and I just pretended that the forest was my own (very big) garden!

While we were walking we came across this little guy happily crossing the path. We were careful not to touch him even though he looked pretty cute. After a bit of Google detective work we figured out he was a caterpillar that was going to grow up to be a Pale Tussock Moth.
After all our exertion we drove back into Southampton and stopped off at the Humble Plumb pub in Bitterne for the most amazing Sunday Lunch. This pretty much wiped out our good work for the day but rounded of a perfect day.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Toddler Talk

I'm now in the midst of the time all Accountants dread...YEAR END!!
Days are filled with filing, checking, reconciling and checking again before the doors are darkened by the auditors. This means that for the next 2 weeks my posts are going to be perhaps more spread out than usual, but please bear with me - I'll be back to normal soon!

In preparation for the busy weeks ahead I took the opportunity to spend a relaxing weekend with my niece and nephew. We did painting in the garden, ate a huge amount and walked it all off at a nature reserve. The highlight of the weekend though was the 30 minutes I spent in bed with my niece on Sunday morning;

E: Auntie Carrie do you want to read my book with me?

Me: OK, what's it about?

E: Ummm I think it's about coconuts

Me: Coconuts? Let me see the book...

E: There's not many pictures in my book...I think I'll just watch CBeebies.

The adventures of her favourite cartoon characters kept her amused for about 5 minutes until...

E: Auntie Carrie I think I'm going to get my poppie (milk) from Mummy, do you want a bottle too?

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