Thursday, 10 October 2013

6 months Blogging

Where did those 6 months go?!

In the last 6 months...

I've moved in with Sion, booked a holiday to Cuba, welcomed my nephew into the world, been to Holland, Yorkshire, Wiltshire, Cornwall and Berkshire.

I've joined a gym, started the 30 day Shred, walked in the New Forest, cycled to Lyndhurst, sailed on the Maas river, zorbed down a hill by the M4 motorway and watched Sion jump out of a plane.

I've eaten sausages on the beach, fish on the quayside, pasties while walking, paella from scratch and drank cool cider, gin & tonics, chai tea, homemade smoothies and a little wine.

But the best thing?

I started this blog!

I found a love of creative writing, people have read MY stuff! Letters to myself, letters to Facebook, memories of loved ones, hopes for the future.

And in return I've been privileged enough to follow people through their own trials and tribulations. I've joined in marriage proposal congratulations. I've been inspired by people's Shred Challenges. I've watched children grow and relationships change. I've watched people comfort and be comforted. I've joined people in restaurants, day trips and holidays.

So to those people who take time out of their busy day to read this - thank you!

To those people who let me see their life - thank you!

Once work calms down I promise to get back to regular posts - I miss it!


  1. That's some six months and such a lovely sentiment.

    I started 18 months ago and I'm so pleased I did. It started being about me and my boys but it's opened up so much more.

    Twitter is like listening in to others conversations without having to pretend to be tying my shoelace, but with it I've found so many wonderful blogs, and found so much inspiration, ideas, and friends.

    It still feels a little strange when I find out someone has actually read my drivel, and occasionally enjoyed it, but it's turned out to be as much about reading about other people as it is about writing.

    Lovely post, and a VERY cool photo :)

    1. Hi Mark! Thank you for your comments, I feel the same way about's a little too fast paced for me! I still think there must be some kind of mistake when I see my page view count!!

  2. Wow you've packed a lot into six month... I started the 30 day shred around six months ago... then re-started it and re-started it and one day (or one 30 days) I'll stick at it for the duration!! #PoCoLo

    1. Day 6 now...and 7 days of no body's going into shutdown!!

  3. Happy 6 months my lovely ... heres to the next 6 xx

    1. Thanks Jamie - I'm having so much fun...can't wait to see where this blog will take me next!! xx

  4. Congratulations on your 6 month blog birthday! Like you I've discovered so many amazing blogs and wonderful bloggers.

  5. That is A LOT in 6 months. I always enjoy your blog :) Keep it up xx Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x