Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn Stroll

In a fit of healthiness at the weekend I dragged Sion and his sister into the New Forest for a beautiful walk between Beulieu and Brockenhurst. This walk was supposed to be a 10.5 mile round trip, but due to a lack of snacks and water and the lure of a pub lunch we shortened it to about 7 miles.

I drove them mad stopping frequently to take photos, but as the leaves are now starting to turn golden and there are berries in the hedgerows, the colours looked beautiful.

I really miss not having a garden, so getting out in the fresh air was just what I needed and I just pretended that the forest was my own (very big) garden!

While we were walking we came across this little guy happily crossing the path. We were careful not to touch him even though he looked pretty cute. After a bit of Google detective work we figured out he was a caterpillar that was going to grow up to be a Pale Tussock Moth.
After all our exertion we drove back into Southampton and stopped off at the Humble Plumb pub in Bitterne for the most amazing Sunday Lunch. This pretty much wiped out our good work for the day but rounded of a perfect day.

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  1. awww Carrie these are my favourite kinds of days! although i am not sure on the caterpillar its looks huge and freaky!! lol

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x