Thursday, 31 October 2013

Stating the Obvious...

On Sunday we are going to a charity football match in aid of Prostate and Breast Cancer charities that is being held by Sion's work colleagues.
Prostate Cancer is a cause very close to my heart and so I've offered to make some cakes that they can sell as refreshments, only problem is I couldn't decide which ones so I've had to buy enough ingredients to make chocolate brownies, raspberry tray bake, gingerbread men & chocolate caramel cupcakes.
I popped out at lunchtime to pick up the ingredients. The trolley was piled with mostly flour, eggs, butter, chocolate, sugar and baking paper.
The check out lady looked at everything on the conveyor belt, looked at me and said "Are you making a cake?"
With observation skills like that she'll soon be working for MI5!!

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