Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Toddler Talk

I'm now in the midst of the time all Accountants dread...YEAR END!!
Days are filled with filing, checking, reconciling and checking again before the doors are darkened by the auditors. This means that for the next 2 weeks my posts are going to be perhaps more spread out than usual, but please bear with me - I'll be back to normal soon!

In preparation for the busy weeks ahead I took the opportunity to spend a relaxing weekend with my niece and nephew. We did painting in the garden, ate a huge amount and walked it all off at a nature reserve. The highlight of the weekend though was the 30 minutes I spent in bed with my niece on Sunday morning;

E: Auntie Carrie do you want to read my book with me?

Me: OK, what's it about?

E: Ummm I think it's about coconuts

Me: Coconuts? Let me see the book...

E: There's not many pictures in my book...I think I'll just watch CBeebies.

The adventures of her favourite cartoon characters kept her amused for about 5 minutes until...

E: Auntie Carrie I think I'm going to get my poppie (milk) from Mummy, do you want a bottle too?

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