Saturday, 16 November 2013

Leaving on a jet plane...

In 48 hours I will be sat on a train, heading to Gatwick Airport to sip champagne on our flight to Cuba. This holiday is so long overdue its rediculous. While we have been together for over a year this will be our first solo holiday. All our other trips have been with family and friends. While these have been lovely we need some one-on-one time deserately.

I have finially finished my busiest period at work, a year end, followed by an appraisal and extended audit has left me shattered. Sion has taken on a new role, completely different to his previous one. He's also doing an evening course to improve his career prospects and fantastic opportunities are just around the corner. I'm so proud of him and all the effort he is putting in, but our evenings consist of a slow cooked dinner, a slump on the sofa in front of mindless TV and bed by 10pm, god knows what will happen when we have children!!

Unfortunately before we get to enjoy the sun, sea and mojitos there's one or two jobs still to do, Sion is working todayand we are out for most of tomorrow so I will be (in no particular order);

Putting 3 loads of washing through, drying and ironing (only for holiday stuff, got to make the effort!)
Checking that our free travel insurance does actually cover us, possibly buying new travel insurance if not
Cleaning the flat, including scrubbing the bathroom floor which is quick frankly awful!
Cooking a healthy fat free, carb free dinner - I'm thinking pasta carbonara...I don't care anymore!
Charging my Kindle and downloading books for it
Digging out the one pack of cards that we own
Going into town to buy gift bags for our gifts for the staff in Cuba (there are still items that are difficult to get hold of so we are making gift bags of toiletries and things), a winter coat for me (Crew Clothing currently have 20% off coats) and deodorant for Sion.
Pluck my wayward brows, DIY mani-pedi and leg de-fuzz!

Before all that though I'm going to sit back, drink another cup of Chai tea and read a few blog posts - I am on holiday after all!!

I'll be back blogging in early December, hopefully more regularly and with exciting plans!

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