Friday, 8 November 2013

The C Word...

Nope not that "C" word...but the next rudest word...whisper it...Christmas!!

The last few weeks seemed to have passed me by and I had a scary realisation that I won't have a chance to start my Christmas shopping until we are properly into December. Now I love Christmas shopping but I hate Christmas crowds and over the last few years I have done the bulk of my shopping online, topping things up with finds at local Christmas fairs and independent shops. I try to stay away from the larger national stores, reducing the risk of duplicate presents and seeing as I'm in a festive, pre-holiday generous spirit I thought I would share a few of my favourite one stop sites.

Secret Sales sells a wide range of higher end gifts at reduced prices. You need to be a member to buy anything but once you have joined you get access to lots of great gift ideas such as
Women's navy glitter wellingtons Sale - Hunter Sale 0.04ct diamond solitaire ring Sale - Divas Diamond Sale Hydra Zen Neurocalm day cream 50ml Sale - Lancome Sale

This month if you join and buy something, use this link and you will receive a £10 e-voucher for money off (so will I and it all helps towards the hunter wellies!)

Not on The High Street has a huge range of personalised and different gifts for all ages. There can be a wait for some items, particularly the hand crafted items but the quality in my opinion has always been fantastic

  Personalised Family/Couples Papercut - posters & prints

If sweet things are more your thing A Quarter Of have a huuuuuuge range of retro penny sweets and bars of chocolate. You can buy premade hampers or I like to buy lots of different types and use them as stocking fillers or as part of larger hampers

SPACE DUST -  CHERRY,1970 box boxes sweets,retro sweets,retro sweetshops,liquorice sweets,toffees,toffee sweets,boiled sweets CHOCOLATE COINS aka Gold Chocolate Coins,gold coins chocolate money Choco Heaven  Coins  Chocolate  sweets  bauble tree decorations baubles christmas xmas giftsforchildren aka Gold Chocolate Coins,retro sweets,retro sweetshops,liquorice sweets,toffees,toffee sweets,boiled sweets ALPHABET LETTERS GUMS, Chewy   Soft  Penny   Fun  Fruit  Gum  Chewy & Soft  Penny & Fun  sweets,retro sweets,retro sweetshops,liquorice sweets,toffees,toffee sweets,boiled sweets
Now I've brought a few presents, I've got plans for the other presents that I need to buy and I've watched the John Lewis Christmas ad 4 times today. I need to step away from the Christmas glitter, at least until we get back from holiday!
What is your favourite online shop?


  1. I do pretty much the same as yourself and try to avoid the major stores. I love Etsy, Folksy and have recently found a store online called Mollie and Fred who seem to stock some great stuff. looking at the sweets has made me want to raid the sweet tin now! popping over from #pocolo

  2. I'm afraid I hate the sense of duty that clever marketeers have given everyone that they must spend their hard earned cash at Christmas! So this year me and the boys are going homemade ... Not to everyone's taste, but I thought it was worth a try. #pocolo

  3. I avoid the big stores too! I try and be innovative and save money where I can (blogging helps!). Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x