Monday, 2 December 2013

Life's a Beach...

Well we're back in the slightly cold UK after our fantastic holiday to Cuba and in the last two days we've washed, shopped, cleaned and packed away. Sion is back at work today and the trip is fast becoming a dream memory that we will never forget.

As is normal we took photo after photo, often 5 of the same scene and plenty of blurred images of a scuttling lizard than was as still as a rock until the camera was pulled out!

We stayed at Varadero beach which is 140km from the capital city of Havana, on the Atlantic ocean coast. Our days were filled with walks along the shoreline, sunning ourselves on the beach or by the pool and eating our own body weight in buffet and gourmet food. Sion discovered a love of mojitos and grilled fish at the beach bar, whereas I swayed towards daiquiris morning, noon & night!

We did escape the resort on three days to take a catamaran cruse to Cayo Blanco, a jeep safari to underground caves and of course into Havana to soak up the colonial architecture and scent of cigars. Havana deserves its own posting, but for now these photos will show why Cuba was our magic moment of the year!

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  1. Looks like it was a fab trip! Just a tad jealous sitting here ;-) #MagicMoments

  2. Ohh wow! Looks like you had an amazing trip! Fab photos x