Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hit by the spring clean bug...

After years of making the same virtuous resolutions, only to spectacularly break them days later (not drinking for 3 months or going to the gym 5 days a week anyone?) I now choose not to make New Year Resolutions. I still eat healthily once the decorations have been put away and even if I don't actually make it through the gym doors my kit is placed firmly in the boot of the car, just in case.
Something strange though seems to be happening to me...
While there's no denying that Spring is far from 'round the corner I think I may have been infected with the Spring Clean bug.
On Saturday I'm going to finally get round to painting the wall in the bathroom. We changed tiles and flooring back in July, but the painting bits got stored away once the glorious heat wave started. As well as the bathroom I'm pretty sure the hallway is going to be cleared, de-cluttered and painted too.
There's now a pile of clothes to be vac-packed ready for warmer weather or smaller waists.
The small dressing table that has been laden down with creams and potions is crying out to be thinned out and sorted through.
Our filing system, otherwise known as under the coffee table, is going to be sorted, binned, framed or filed.
The freezer is being emptied, beef stew for dinner tonight (or possibly sausage casserole, I couldn't quite tell) ready for the health menu that I've researched, costed and planned.
It's as if my body has been taken over by one of those life coaches...or possibly Kirstie Allsopp!!

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