Tuesday, 25 February 2014

10 Things to Smile about - Feb 2014

February has been a month of wonderful highs and devastating lows. Following my miscarriage and subsequent ERPC earlier in the month we've spent the last few weeks quietly with family and close friends. I'm starting to feel more like myself and I realise that it's important to remember the past, but to be excited for the future. This month, more than any other it's important to join in with Emmy Mom's 10 Things to Smile About...

  • We're moving! - Boxes are packed, vans are booked and deposits are paid. This time next week we will be in our new home. We're going to have so much more space so we'll finally be able to have family come and stay with us - I can't wait! 
  • Spring is snapping at the heels of Winter - Despite lots of flooding near where we live, we had a gorgeous Sunday a few weeks ago. We donned our wellington boots and took a stroll along the River Itchen and managed to spot these first Spring flowers.

  • As part of my medical treatment this month I had two scans. They have shown that I have a congenital abnormality of some degree to my uterus, but the doctors were able to say that this did not cause my miscarriage. My GP is already arranging a 3D scan to be able to investigate this further so that we can be fully prepared for when we try again. I know plenty of people have reason to complain about the NHS, but all this is free and the staff have been brilliant to us both.
  • We've had two weekend trips to Wales, to watch rugby in the Millenium Stadium. While we've been there we've taken the chance to have lunch in our favourite pub - The Captain's Wife in Sully

  • Hairdressing pretend play with my niece before they flew to Australia for a long holiday.

  • For Sion's birthday I took him to the 2 Michelin Starred restaurant The Hand & Flowers for a beautiful meal. Unfortunately we didn't get to see Tom Kerridge, the chef owner, but we did get to relax in the bar and imagine having our own conservatory like this one;

  • Sion had to meet me at the hospital for my first scan so I asked his sister to sit with me while I waited. She ended up staying through the whole scan and was a massive support to us both. She contacted work for me and fielded calls and texts so we could just spend time together. She has become one of my best friends and I was so grateful to have her. Hopefully she will be able to come with me for a more positive scan in the future.
  • While our Valentine's Day meal didn't go to plan (lost booking, wrong table, mains brought out while we were still eating our starters, overcharged bill...) it was lovely to have the weekend off together.
  • We've taken the opportunity that's been given to us and booked our dream holiday - to the Maldives in June. My boss has agreed to cover my workload and we got a fantastic price. We can't wait!
  • I've once again started a healthy eating plan. I want to get my body in a good a condition as possible so am eating lots of raw vegetables, nuts and seeds. I have a protein shake for my breakfast and a carb reduced evening meal. I'm also re-instating my swimming membership and after one week while I haven't lost weight, I've got more energy and have lost the bloating that I had been carrying for the last few months.

Let me know what your biggest reason to be cheerful was in February and feel free to join Emmy's  link up


  1. I am so sorry about the miscarriage. So happy you linked up still and were able to find the good. Can't believe how much your v-day dinner got messed up! Crazy. Those flowers are so pretty. So awesome you have a dream trip planned! I am going to have to go look up with Maldives are though as I have no idea :) So wonderful that you are such good friends with your husband's sister and what an amazing support she was. Thank you so much for linking up

  2. What fun to have such a great vacation planned! It's always exciting to look forward to things like that. The bar is fantastic. I would love to have a place like that! Of course then I'd never leave that room and nothing would get done. The flowers are absolutely beautiful. So sorry about your miscarriage. I hope everything goes well with the future scans.

  3. Again I'm sorry for your loss but so pleased you have such supportive people around you. Your upcoming holiday sounds wonderful! And how bad was that meal messed up!? Glad you still saw positive there though. I love the hairstyle btw! Goodluck with upcoming scans x

  4. I have heard The Hand and Flowers is lovely x