Monday, 24 February 2014

Countdown to M-Day

The last weekend before we move from our one-bedroom flat to our three-bedroom house...traditionally a weekend for packing everything but essentials, checking that the moving van has been hired/booked, picking up one or two cushions to finish the home furnishings off - but no, not in this household!!

Instead, we drove to Cardiff on Friday afternoon to watch Wales smash France in the Six Nations tournament. I have never seen Sion grinning so much, he even said he would support England during Saturday's match (along with every other Welsh supporter!!)


We drove back on Saturday night and spent most of Sunday washing, food shopping and visiting friends. When we realised we had the evening clear did we do more packing? Nope, we went to Nandos and then the cinema to watch Cuban Fury!! This means that there is still a little to do before we pick up our keys on Saturday...just off the top of my head;

Book a hire van
Buy a sofa bed
Buy a washing machine
Arrange a pick up time for the sofa beds & washing machine
Re-direct our mail
Change our details with the utilities company
Change our council tax details
Do the dreaded Ikea run
Buy curtain poles
Fix six dining chairs into my car and still be able to drive it
Recycling Centre run
Charity Shop run
Pack everything!

Even now instead of ticking off at least one of these items, I'm concentrating on winning a camera on E-bay - I realise this is just a delaying tactic but I really don't know what to tackle first!!

Why are there no companies that will do all this for you - kind of like the moving house version of a wedding planner? Feel free anyone to take this idea into Dragon's Den - I want 10% of your profits though!!!

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  1. So easy to put off packing as really who wants to do that? But so awesome you will have so much more space!