Wednesday, 19 February 2014

You've got to remember where you've been to know where you're going...

I'm looking forward to the future, and feeling grateful for the past
- Mike Rowe

Over 120 posts...whaaatt?!! Almost 11,000 way!!! Nearly one full year of blogging...where did THAT time go?!!

I'm not too sure that my writing style has changed in this time, or that my blog has changed it's focus or's still a mixing pot of my mind. Looking on the surface you probably wouldn't think that my life has particularly changed either...same home, same job, same partner; but still I've changed. I feel more settled, more sure of what I want in life, what I deserve and what I'm capable of.

Last night as I sat surrounded by half packed boxes, Sion doing his armchair commentary on the football that was being televised, I read through some of my posts. I re-read the first one that got over 100 views, the one with the most comments, the one that made me laugh as I wrote it and the one that made me cry. There were lots that I just really enjoyed writing about, trips out, funny moments and stories that flowed through my fingertips.

I wanted to give them a special place in my blog and I wanted to share them again...

My very first post... here

All those things I STILL wish I was brave enough to say to the faceless Facebook "friends"... here

A letter to my 18 year old self... here

The night I was a Pin Up... here

A Father's Day tribute to my wonderful Dad... here

How a sunset changed me... here

Life is like a theme park... here

Memories... here

A thank you for Sion... here

Of course the biggest enjoyment I get from blogging is reading and interacting with all the wonderful other bloggers out there. I regularly join in with various linkups and I can only imagine how much work goes into Thank You ladies!!

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  1. It sounds like you have had a great year - with many more to come :) Thank you for including me and #PoCoLo in this - so pleased you like it :) It's lots of work but the fun outweighs that xx

  2. awww Carrie this gave me goosebumps to read and even a little watery round the eye area (you bugger!) I love having you link up and I love reading your blog .. I look forward to reading hundreds more posts my lovely xxxxxxxx

  3. What a lovely post. Thank you for the mention. I love having you join in with WednesdayWords. Your writing is beautiful. Xxx

  4. Lovely post. Blogging is so much fun, and I love looking back over my favourite posts too. Happy Blog Birthday when it comes x #MMWBH

  5. Wasn't that long ago I passed the one year anniversary too! Congratulations. #MMWBH

  6. You've done well to be blogging for that long, it's hard work. Congratulations! #WotW

  7. A lovely post, and congratulations! Thanks so much for sharing with #WotW x

  8. Congratulations, I've only been going four months so can't quite imagine what it'll feel like when I'm almost a year in. It's lovely to reflect though and thanks for sharing your favourite posts - I've only just discovered your blog (through Word of the Week) so it's very handy to have your best links all in one place for me to read!

  9. Wow, good for you. It sounds like you've had a really great year with blogging. I really find it helpful, it's the place to vent and hear other people's opinions. Well done and I hope you continue with it. #MMWBH