Friday, 25 April 2014

Journal #10 - Strength

It's been a few weeks since I joined in with Danielle's Journal Day prompt (I never was good at journal or diary writing!). This week's prompt is "What are your strengths?"

I can't quite work out what it is that have squashed my ability to sing my own praises. Is it my British-ness, my femininity or my fear of offending someone less skilled in those areas? Why does to "boast" and "brag" appear to be a negative trait? I am so quick to point out my shortcomings and failures but quickly follow any compliment with a "oh it was nothing" or "oh it looks more complicated that it was". Well no more! I'm putting it out there that there are some things that I'm bloody great at - that I'm proud to have mastered - that I'm happy when other people recognise it in or from me.

I'm a good cook. Most recipes I try come out as they should and I have only had a few most recent one was a gluten free loaf of bread that didn't rise and got thrown out along with the tin it was welded to.

I can make people laugh. This is sometimes through my writing, occasionally from tickle beatings and most frequently by me saying or doing something goofy purposely to get a giggle.

I am not afraid to get stuck in and get my hands dirty. Need a tree chopping down or bags or gravel moved - call me.

I'm artistic. Not so much in the classical sense of draw me a giraffe, but I can match colours together, I can picture a room or garden in my head and create it for real.

I can write fluently and succinctly.

I am usually the first to say yes to a challenge. Once I have agreed to something even if I have second thoughts I will see it through to the end.

There may well be things that other people will say are my strengths, but these for me, are the things that come to mind. Now all I need to go is make sure I get home tonight and cook a beautiful dinner, clear the overgrown mess at the bottom of the garden, find the perfect bistro garden set on ebay and start writing the first of my "Blog every day in May" posts...

Why not have a go at saying what your own strengths are, then post them with others at Sometimes Sweet

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  1. I think these are all fantastic strengths to have! Thank you for sharing! :)