Friday, 25 April 2014


For this week's word of the week there can only be one word


I spent the early part of the week remembering little snippets of conversations that I had with my niece over the Easter Weekend - one particular highlight took place in a toilet cubicle at the local farm attraction (at the top of her voice) "Auntie Carrie you should probably have a wee now too", quickly followed by "Ooh Auntie Carrie, I like your pink knick-knicks - are they on back to front?" I will now be sure to wear more appropriate underwear on family days out!

On Wednesday it was the 5 year anniversary of my Dad passing away. Of course it gets easier over time, life has to go on. But just occasionally it hits me like a sucker punch that he's not here. I had a quiet day looking at photos and just remembering him and reflected on how life has changed in the five years since I saw him last.

Two extremes of emotions perhaps but then life has a habit of doing that!

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  1. Your little niece has just made me laugh out loud! How funny :-)

    Sorry to hear about your dad. xx

  2. Extreme reflections. I love your #wotw i should do this one soon as I think I need it.

  3. Cassie the mind boggles! :-) Lovely picture. #wotw

  4. Those are two extreme reflections. Glad you had some fun, and then sorry to hear about your grief. I think life does have a habit of doing that, very true. Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. You're niece made me laugh out loud.....Kids are just too funny and honest...hehehe x