Friday, 2 May 2014

BEDM 5 favourite posts

So for today's Blog Every Day in May we've been asked to pimp out our five favourite posts on our blog.

I've gone through each and every post that I've written in the year that I've been blogging to choose these five favourite posts. I've been able to remember wonderful trips to Cuba, Holland and Cornwall. I've remembered everything we've achieved since moving to our new house. I've enjoyed re-reading my attempts at creative writing.

None of these favourite posts come under these categories though. They are all posts that have come about through personal thoughts and emotions, some happy, some sad, completely different subjects but I'm proud of all of them. So in no particular order...

Letter to my Facebook friends - This was written as part of the Blogtember challenge I took part in last year (I actually only managed 8 posts out of 30 so I determined to do better this time). This was the first post that got over 100 views for me and now sits at over 300, still one of my most viewed posts. Since writing it I have fallen even more out of love with the superficial side of Facebook statuses and updates...and I still don't want to play Candy Crush or Farmville!!

A cause close to my heart - While I am quite open about my Dad and my feelings since he passed away I very rarely talk about my mum, either in person or here on my blog. This post came about after being asked what cause would you support if you had all the resources in the world. It didn't have a particularly high number of views, but it was the most emotional and heartfelt piece of writing that I have published.

Love letter - This was another Blogtember prompt and was the first time my until then Other Half was named. I'm not too sure if Sion reads this blog or not but I purposefully made him read it...he still makes me happier than I've ever been and I still feel incredibly lucky to have found him.

Happiness is flat packed furniture - Just a short post this one, but I wrote it following our miscarriage in January. It reminds me that while every bad experience knocks a little something out of you there are friends, family and complete strangers who offer little acts of kindness to help rebuild you.

What is health? - I'd like to say that I physically look after myself. I regularly have check ups, have never missed a smear and often take part in energetic activities (mind out of the gutter!). I don't smoke and have never been a big drinker. Emotionally I've always kept my cards close to my chest, asking for help was admitting defeat...silly I know, but it kept me going for the three years following my Dad's illness and passing away. This post told of the time someone helped me ask for help and how my opinion of what is healthy has now changed.

I hope you've enjoyed reading these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them - I'm looking forward to reading as many of the other linked up posts as I can.

Tomorrow's BEDM prompt will be showing you my weekend morning routine...most weeks are different but there are a few things that I always try to fit in!

It's not too late for you to join in too- as many days as you can do. For all the prompts and other people taking part, why not pop over to Rosalilium now?

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  1. I've read all these before *gold star* haha and enjoyed every one, I hope others do too!

  2. Oh my goodness you have made me all emotional... beautiful posts x

  3. Ah it's lovely to read your favourite posts as someone who is new to your blog. They are beautiful. x