Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Being Adventurous...

I know, I know Blog Every Day in May has turned into Blog Every Week in May (if you're lucky) but I'm going to try and make a little more of an effort for these last 10 days!

Today's suggested prompt is "Being Adventurous". I am an Accountant, being adventurous is not high on the required traits of an accountant - well not a legitimate one anyway.

My adventurous teenage experimental phase consisted of taking a paracetamol with a can of coke because my friend said it would make you drunk - it didn't. The idea of a travelling gap year filled me with fear and I headed straight to the only Church of England university in the UK (I found this out once I got there).

When Sion did his charity skydive I was more than happy to be the ground support crew and you will never get me jumping off a bridge in Australia with a giant elastic band tied to my ankles.

Yet I found myself agreeing to leave Cornwall and move to Hampshire into a house I had viewed on a website, with a guy who turned out to be a bit of a dick. I could have justifiably moved back to Cornwall - but I stayed, made new friends, found a new house and found a much better boy to love.

I found myself booking a trek to Peru one Boxing Day in memory of my Dad. The only thing standing in my way was two dodgy knees, the ability to walk for 8 hours in one day and £2500 of sponsorship - but I raised money, my fitness and smiles during time of pain.

I found myself saying no to long hours, increased stress, a secure but draining job and resigned at the height of the recession - but I found a better job that gave me back my weekends, evening and full night's sleep.

I found myself scared, disappointed and damaged after suffering a miscarriage with a wait for a scan to find out the probability of a future successful pregnancy - but the scan was done, we've put the fear behind us and we're going to let nature take it's course for hopefully the biggest adventure of our lives.

So yeah - no parachuting, jungle trek fighting with tigers for me...but do I think I'm adventurous? Damn right I am!


  1. What a great post! I applaud your attitude! Love it. Found your blog through BEDM :). You're definitely an adventurer! x

  2. Loved reading this. You are an adventurer, and I do hope you get to go on that next big adventure, too x Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame

  3. Being an adventurer means something different to us all. In my book, you're a fantastic adventurer too. #thethemegame

  4. That's brilliant Carrie - I think you have achieved such a lot and its all been an adventure. I talked of being a 'risk averse' kind of person in my Theme Game post as well but as everyone is saying, adventure is different for everyone and whilst I did jump out of a plane on a tandem parachute jump, it was massively pushing my own boundaries :-) My dad has just finished a course of radiotherapy for prostate cancer - your trek looks really inspiring X #TheThemeGame