Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The most important meal of the day...

As I reached inside the cupboard for my usual gluten-free granola to dump over my yogurt this morning it struck me how much choice we as consumers have. There were five types of cereal in there...five, for the two people that live in the house to choose from. It doesn't stop there - to go with the cereal there was lactose-free milk, almond milk, coconut milk or plain yogurt. Fancy some fruit for sweetness? I've got pineapple, melon, grapes or strawberries. All this after our conversation last night about when we'll do our next shop, because we're running low on things - not breakfast food it would seem?!

All this is even more relevant to me after I received an email from the Send a Cow charity as part of their Break...Fast appeal. Send A Cow was started by West Country farmers 25 years ago. It works hand in hand with families in Africa to build lives free from poverty and stronger communities for the future.

Their Break...Fast appeal in addition to raising vital donations (which will be doubled by our Government), aims to raise awareness of the importance of a nutritious breakfast in helping children in the poorest parts of Africa reach their full potential.

Their researchers spent weeks speaking to experts, inspecting archives and personal belongings as well as looking through historical records to discover what some of the greatest men & women ate for breakfast.

Winston Churchill famously changed a menu to show his breakfast of choice - Poached eggs, jam & toast, cold meats, grapefruit, whiskey, cigar

This created The Most Important Meals of Their Lives ebook, a fascinating collection of 18 breakfasts enjoyed by such people as Barack Obama, Christopher Columbus, Florence Nightingale & Jane Austen, recreated by a team of professional chefs and historians. As well as the recipes, the book also details the daily lives and routines of some of the world's most influential people.

This book follows research highlighting that up to one in every three people in Uganda and almost a third in Rwanda are gravely undernourished - a staggering 15 million people. Without full stomachs children are unable to concentrate at school and are prevented from reaching their full potential. Send a Cow's Break...Fast appeal aims to raise £500,000 to give Children in Africa a better start.

The Most Important Meals of their Lives book can be downloaded for free by visiting There is a suggested donation of £2.50 to the Break...Fast appeal - when doubled by the UK government this donation is enough to support an African child for a month. The UK government will match all donations up to 30th June 2014.

If you would like more information on the Break...Fast Appeal you can visit

I for one will be a little more grateful for the life I am able to lead, I hope that Send a Cow can continue their work with people's very generous donations.

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