Thursday, 1 May 2014

Water, water everywhere...

I've turned into one of THOSE people without even noticing. You know them, the ones that look at the weather forecast after the evening news and rather than their face falling when rain is forecast, pipe up with "ooh that'll be great for the garden..."

I still haven't quite got used to the fact that this quite large patch of green is ours. Because this is a rental property, we have to be careful of what we can and can't add or dig out of the garden. We made the decision that other than those things that are obviously weeds we would let everything grow like normal this year, before culling as necessary over Winter.

There's one shrub in particular that I felt sure would do absolutely nothing this year. Strangled by bindweed and brambles it had somehow grown horizontally rather than up. Once I had cleared the weeds it looked as though someone had decided to dig it up, but had got bored halfway through and so left it slanted towards the grass. The few leaves that remained on it's spindly branches made me think it may be a rhododendron or camellia. I know they can be expensive to replace so it was given a stay of execution.

But these last set of April showers have brought it to life, so much so that it's even managed to squeeze out a few flower buds as a plea to be allowed to stay...looks like I'll be Googling "how hard can you prune a rhododendron?" come Autumn...

On the walk back into the house I also spotted, finally, a burst of white in the strawberry pot...maybe I will have a strawberry or two this year after all?

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  1. More strawberries, I must get in on the action!
    I'm the same with the rain, rather ridiculous but it beats using the hose or watering can!

  2. I am so craving strawberries today at the sight of all the flowers on posts! The garden looks lovely,rental properties we've lived in in the past have always had rather grim gardens so it's good to see.

    Now we are on a water meter here I quite welcome the rain for the garden! Thanks for joining in again :)

  3. I have also turned into a 'rain will be good for the garden' person, haha! The purple flowers on your rhododendron are beautiful, especially with the rain drops.

  4. That rhododendron is wonderful. What an amazing find. I do hope you get your strawberries too!

  5. rainy season is basically done here and i miss it so... it is always so good for the garden

  6. Love love the mist, water effect. Everything looks so fresh! You captured your flowers at its finest =) #HDYGG

  7. Love the rain on your rhododendron bush and those strawberries are doing brilliantly. I'd love to have some fruit and veg in the garden. Definitely one of those "good for the garden" types, must be an age thing :)

  8. that rhododendron is an amazing colour… I hope the strawberries fruit for you, we potted some up a couple of weeks ago and I'm really hoping they fruit too!

  9. What lovely photos! The raindrops make them quite dramatic.