Thursday, 22 May 2014

What's in my bag...

I love peeking inside people's lives...I'm not nosy though...I just like to think that I'm interested!

In the spirit of Blog Every Day in May prompt for today of "Post something different to your usual content" I have decided to do a "What's in my..." post.

My bag doesn't change with my outfit, to be honest it barely changes with the seasons. Once I find something that fits my every increasing pile of essential STUFF I stick loyally with it, until I have a tidy and find a long forgotten bag in the back of a cupboard.

My posh bag is a beautiful bubble gum pink Cambridge Satchel Company bag, but as I can't fit my lunch, umbrella or travelling medical cabinet inside, it's a strictly weekend bag.

So what's my bag?!

I brought this Linea Reka bag from House of Fraser in a sale for £30 in March. Leather with 2 side pockets, a zip pocket and 2 inside pockets it's perfect for losing stuff in.

And inside we have...

Winnie the Pooh umbrella that came free in Sion's car (the old owner didn't want it for some reason?!)
My Osprey leather purse (what's inside this bad boy deserves it's own post)
2013-2014 Academic diary. I needed a diary mid year a few years ago, now I'm stuck with buying a diary in August instead of January like normal people that stopped being a student 15 years ago.
Lottery ticket with a winning £2.00!
Cold sore remedies (details below)
My left handed fountain pen - they do exist, it does make a difference - you can actually read the words this pen creates.
Nail file, lip balm, Mac lip gloss, Neil's Yard lip gloss, No 7 hand cream
Lockets & Kleenex for my snuffly days
Diesel Loverdose Tattoo perfume
Home/Car & work keys
Business Cards from, delivered the day I decided to redesign my blog header (must get new ones ordered)
"LOVE" patchwork bag to put medical type things in, along with tampons, plasters, antihistamines, ibuprofen, paracetamol & emery board (not pictured - they're boring)

In case you're interested...

I've suffered with bad cold sores for 15 years. My lip swells so much I take on the appearance of Daffy Duck and it's a good few weeks before everything settles down. They make me feel tired, depressed and almost unclean - I hate them. I've tried pretty much every tablet, ointment and old wives tale around to try get rid of them and these are my three top remedies;

Boots Avert Electronic Coldsore Machine - currently £35.99. This is expensive initially but uses light therapy to treat the tingling and cold sore if one has appeared. I often use this as soon as I feel a tingling sensation and it stops a cold sore appearing. If, as often happens, a cold sore appears overnight it reduces any swelling I may have and lessens the length of visual sore significantly.

Holland & Barrett Lysine Balm - currently £4.99. This is amazing stuff! I felt a cold sore coming at the weekend. By applying this balm and taking 2 lysine supplement tablets a day I didn't get any swelling and the cold sore barely formed. My lip looked normal within 4 days.

Compeed Total Care Invisible Cold Sore Treatment  - approx. £6-£7, available in most chemists & supermarkets. These generally are not enough to get rid of a cold sore by itself, but are really useful for disguising and covering an active cold sore. You can put make up over the top of them so I use them If I have a night out and want to hide my cold sore.

So there you go - a pretty different kind of post to me...and pretty long! Sorry about that!!


  1. One of my fave meme! I always love to see othere people's bag contents! I hope im not sounding creepy right about now =P #PoCoLo

  2. This is a great idea actually, loved having a little nose through your bag :) #pocolo

  3. Love this and you have SO much stuff in your bag! I dread to think of mine as there is bound to be a lego man a crumbs at the bottom of mine, lol! x

  4. Brilliant! You are SO organised! I would tip mine out and there would be pennies, bits of paper and polo mints in the bottom, I just know it!! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x