Friday, 16 May 2014

Word of the Week - Snuffly

Snuffly - A combination of snotty and stuffy; the period prior to a cold (f); the period prior to man flu (m)

This week has been mostly taken up with long periods of snuffly-ness! Not yet a cold, but perhaps more than hay fever...anti-histamines don't seem to ease it, but come evening time when the trees have finished releasing their evil pores symptoms ease...although that may be the effects of the medicinal gin & tonic I'm knocking back!

I really hope I don't become one of those poor unfortunates who have to spend the entire summer season help in an air locked compartment for fear of scratchy eyes and continuous sneezes, summer is my favourite time of the year.

Someone told me that if you eat a spoonful of honey from a local bee population your symptoms will ease. Apparently your body becomes used to the pollen held in the honey and you'll stop suffering quite so much - anything's worth a go...a trip to the local farm shop is in order I think.

It's a good job we're off to the Maldives in a few weeks - I'm pretty sure I won't have hay fever when I'm out there...although saying that I'll probably have to maroon myself on a deserted island with only sand, sea, a parasol and a cocktail to amuse me...such a hard life!

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  1. Oh dear. My hayfever has just ended, as I get it earlier in the year, so I know how frustrating it is. I've heard that about honey, too - definitely worth a go, I think. Just keep thinking of the Maldives, that should cheer you :) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Oh dear....I've been suffering from hay fever and it's awful! I might try eating a spoonful of honey to see if it helps! x

  3. I'm hoping none of this results in a bad case of man flu, as we know it really can be deadly!

  4. I have hay allergies too and I am so not looking forward to that part of this coming season =( #wotw