Friday, 2 May 2014

WOTW - Proud

  • proud
  • [ prowd ]

  • pleased and satisfied: feeling pleased and satisfied, e.g. about having done something or about owning something

    This week has been a week of activity for me and this little piece of blogland.

    I've invested both time and money into it this week and it's paying off faster than I could have imagined!! Over the next month my blog will have a swish new facelift with the help of Helen who writes the wonderful All at Sea. It will also have it's very own domain name too so will be a very professional little blog!

    Earlier in the week I won tickets to go to Grand Designs Live at ExCel in London's Docklands. I've taken this opportunity to have some business cards made up and will try to use it as a networking opportunity, to try and give the blog just a little more direction and content.

    I've decided to take part in the Blog Every Day in May challenge and continue to post outside of this too. This means that I'll be going from posting maybe twice a week to often posting twice a day, but I'm looking forward to committing time to my writing. I have quickly got into the habit of rough drafting a few posts at a time, before updating and posting, generally with a G&T close to hand most evenings.

    I'm also making a conscious effort to follow companies and agencies on Twitter to build content and that few hours a day has worked...I have posted details of my first ever competition and giveaway today! It feels like a huge milestone after over a year of blogging and not being too sure if anyone is really reading it or not. I'd really love it if you have a few spare minutes and fancy a new BRITA water filter jug, that you pop on over and enter my giveaway?! Having that email drop into my inbox to say "We want to work with you" made me feel immensely proud.

    Finally I feel proud by association (however vague the link) for all the wonderful blogs that have been nominated for the BiBs this week - you all rock!


    1. Well done on winning the tickets! I love Grand Designs!

    2. Go, you! Sounds like a really big blog week for you, and exciting to be going to the Grand Designs event. Hope you enjoy #BEDM and best of luck with it :) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    3. Ohh wow! Fantastic! Very exciting x

    4. Oh that is so fab! I *really* look foward to seeing what Helen comes up with for you - I love, love, love what she's done for me and now I just feel like I need to give it the respect it deserves by making the blog content and promotions work too (not so easy with two littluns!) I'm loving what you're doing with yours though - so nice to hear that a little effort pays off. I think you're probably right about the rough drafting thing too - sometimes its just easier to bash out what's in your head rather than overthink it - then you can polish it up quickly later on. X #wotw

    5. So you should be proud! Well done on your win, I love grand designs x #WotW