Saturday, 21 June 2014

Holiday Time!

The bags are yet to be packed, in actual fact there is a wash load on that will need to be dried before the packing can start, but I am now officially ON HOLIDAY!

I guess this post is my blogging equivalent of Out of Office...

I am now on annual leave from Sunday 22nd June, returning on Friday 4th July. During this time I will be unable to respond to emails due to being stuck on a tropical island with crap internet and/or incapable due to excessive cocktail consumption. If your query is urgent feel free to come and join me in The Maldives, alternatively ask someone else or just wait until I am back!

Despite having a holiday in November so much has happened since then we need this trip away to recharge and just have a bit of time away from our day to day lives. When we come back I will be in my new position at work and Sion has just been offered an amazing job opportunity which will involve travelling to training courses and different sites, so there's no chance of having a slow, relaxing Summer- but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I have scheduled a few posts for while I am away, but obviously I won't be able to join in with any linkys or do much tweeting (what language is this I speak...linkys, tweeting??!)

Have a great few weeks and I'll be back soon with lots of photos and tales of our adventures to bore you with!!

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  1. Sounds wonderful! Have an amazing time! Looking forward to seeing lots of pics when you get back xx