Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Holiday Blues

How time flies...this time last week I was sat on a wooden deck, overlooking a surf break on the Indian Ocean, sipping beer and snapping away at the surfers riding the crest of a rolling wave...

Today, I'm sat in my office desperately trying to catch up on my work. The grey clouds are moving in fast and I just heard a rumble of thunder. My thoughts keep jumping from one task to another, things I need to book, things I need to a restaurant in London, find out how to get to the local hospital for a kidney scan, get to grips with my new tumble drier, tidy up the garden, pack for a weekend in Northampton...arghhhh!!

It scares me how quickly you can lose the feeling of utter relaxation, that moment in the day when the sun has warmed you, your hunger has been sated at the buffet, a drink has magically appeared by your side and you feel the hand of your loved one lazily slip into yours.

When the list becomes too long, the tasks too many to handle, I stop; pulling up the folder of holiday snaps that I have stored on every computer, device and memory stick I own, I go immediately to this one - 

I take a deep breath, close my eyes and remember our special time in Paradise.


  1. That does look an amazing place. We've just got back from our holidays and now it seems like a lifetime away.

    Sometimes we just need to take time to relax.


  2. I remember feeling like this when I returned from Florida, it was like a post holiday depression, I started planning another holiday to get over the blues #MMWBH

  3. I sometimes believe we need to work harder to make every day life a holiday.

    Beautiful photo

  4. This photo is so calming. Hopefully you will have a more relax weekend. #mmwbh

  5. It looks like a wonderful place to relax, it is so hard on the post holiday dip, on the plus side the weather here has been gorgeous #MMWBH